Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You & Me Trailer | 2018

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Almost 18 years after the premier of Listen To Your Heart, Freestyle Digital Media and Force Studios have joined forces to create this delightful comedy about a recently blind man and deaf woman coming together through adversity to find their own happily ever after. Starring Hillary Baack and Paul Guyet, this movie strikes that delicate balance between fighting against the stereotypes that society has when it comes to dealing with those who have disabilities and remaining humorous at the same time. Although it primarily deals with the stereotypes of those who are deaf, i.e. hearing impaired as well as those who are blind I couldn't help but relate.

Too often people look at me in a wheelchair  and assume I can't do anything on my own; as a result, they tend to treat me like a child rather than the 38-year-old young woman that I am and think I need 24 hour supervision.Why do I think is people's gut reaction? First, I think it's because I'm someone's first introduction to a person with a disability. That being said, they rely on the lessons they've grown up with, and watching those around them growing up; then there is the negative connotation that having a disability is a life or death sentence. While it's true that adjusting to a disability can take some time, it doesn't have to be a game changer. People with disabilities can live healthy and productive lives

While I do agree with the basic premise of the film, it could have done without the course language and sexual content. I think it could have had the same impact without it, but that's just my opinion.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Consumer Chaos: My Experience with Consumer- Directed Care So Far:

Dear Readers~

Happy New Year to my readers both new and old. As I'm writing this, I can hardly believe it's 2019. Where did the last year go? Although I have been really busy with my YouTube channel and getting consumer-directed care all squared away, my blog has kind of taken a backseat. In all honesty, I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to embark on this new adventure of directing my own care.

True, I've had my share of ups and downs with agency-directed care- including those who could not understand English enough to take my direction and almost burnt the house down or those who just had their problems getting paid by the agency on a timely basis and therefore quit on me several times a month. You name it I've probably dealt with it. Still, agencies had their pick of personal assistance already vetted and could send them to me within a couple of weeks.

Now, I'm stuck doing the entire process on my own. Granted, I do have a consumer facilitator offering me suggestions on where to put my job openings out there, and he is great. One of the places to locate caregivers is mysupport.com. This site basically allows consumers to search for personal care assistants based on their needs and hours. But if I'm being honest it sometimes feels like I'm putting myself out there on a dating site; if it doesn't have enough bells and whistles on it, it doesn't get noticed. In the meantime, my dad and mom are the main caregivers and my dad has even gone so far as to be hired by me through a website so that I don't lose my hours through Medicaid. 

The problem is that the hiring process is so long and drawn out; it's difficult to have to mail papers back and forth to make sure my dad is vetted. I mean, he's my dad. I know him and trust him with my life!

I have even gone as far as putting my job openings on out-of-the-box websites such as care.com. The difficulty with these websites is that most people want more money for their time and it is not covered. I mean I don't blame them, taking care of a person with special needs is hard work and takes dedication. But paying out of pocket is difficult and not a good long-term solution.

Still, that's what I'm doing at the moment paying out-of-pocket for someone to come twice a week during the day. My parents need a break.

I pray as I continue along this journey that the right person comes along- someone who cares about people and who loves their job. I know God will put the right person in my life at the right time. In the meantime I remain patient, knowing that everyone who comes in contact with me does so for a reason- even if they don't know it.

I would appreciate all the prayers possible and positive vibes as I don't know what the new year will bring. But God does... And that's enough!


PS. Feel free to share your personal care journey in the comments below. I would appreciate knowing I'm not alone in the process!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

My Top Christmas Songs and What They Mean to Me!

 Scene Dear Readers~

Wow, it's hard to believe there are only about 25 more days until Christmas; it seems just like yesterday my brother and sister-in-law and their kids were here celebrating. But I guess that's what happens as you get older - time flies and before you know it is gone! That being said, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite Christmas songs and why they are important to me.

Let's face it... We've all grown up hearing about Santa Claus- the jolly old man in a red suit who brings presents to those on the "nice list". If we are honest with ourselves, though, the impact of this story fades as we grow; as a result, we're left to view the innocence through the eyes of our relatives- younger nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters who we passed on the tradition too!

For that reason, every Christmas is different for me; I'm not saying that the "magic" is gone. I still enjoy watching my nieces unwrap their presents- their eyes glowing with excitement. But I realize what's most important during this season. It's the time you've spent with friends and family spreading God's love in their life. After all, Jesus is the reason for the season!

The following four songs help me remember what is most important during this Christmas season and remind me to do whatever I can to further God's kingdom because tomorrow is not promised. After all, as I've said many times before, we are God's representatives.

  1. Grown-up Christmas List by Amy Grant- Although this song has many versions, this is one of my favorites. This song illustrates how growing up our view of the world changes and we begin to focus on others rather than just our own needs. If we grown-up believing in Jesus, we know that it is only he that can solve the world's problems. This song makes me realize the world is still a broken place and there is still work to be done
  2. Happy Christmas (War is Over) by Celine Dion- This song makes me evaluate what I've done over the past year to share my faith with those around me. It also reminds me to not worry about the future because God has everything in the palm of his hand. It also gives me pause to think about those in war-torn countries, fighting for their lives as well as our safety and protection
  3. Where are You Christmas? by Faith Hill- This song reminds me that Christmas isn't always easy for everyone... Relatives may have passed this year and so they might find this year very difficult. They may have forgotten the happiness of Christmas because they are so full of loss. Also, this song reminds me that Christmas isn't just for the holiday season, it should be felt every day. People need God's love and hope- that's the ultimate gift of Christmas!
  4. Here Comes Santa Claus (the Christmas Carol version) by Unknown- I know this seems like a surprising choice considering the rest of my list... But hear me out, this version mentions the true meaning of Christmas in lines like this, ""He loves you just the same Santa Claus knows we're all Gods children That makes everything right So fill your hearts with Christmas cheer 'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight! " I admit this version is hard to find famous singers singing but it can be occasionally heard on the Delilah show on I Heart Radio.

Anyway, if I don't write any later on this month, I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hallmark Hall of Fame: Christmas Everlasting - Hallmark Movie Trailer (A...

Welcome Back Readers~

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I hope you took advantage of the time with friends and family because those are moments you can't get back. I certainly enjoyed our change in scenery as we celebrated in Virginia Beach this year. You see, my brother and sister-in-law decided to take the kids and visit Tennessee. So we decided to hit the road as well. I know what you're thinking...

But wasn't it cold at Virginia Beach? To answer your question, yes. But fortunately, we spent most of our time inside and relaxing. We ordered pizza and had dad get food for us most nights but on the first night we decided to venture out and walk the three blocks to Catch 31; it was blistering cold outside. For dinner, my parents ordered the traditional Thanksgiving turkey in some kind of fancy sauce while I decided on steak drenched in some kind of sauce that made it taste like pot roast instead. It was then that we determined if we were to venture out again dad would drive the van and drop us off as well as pick us up so the three of us didn't have to walk. True to his word, we ventured out the day before we left Virginia Beach to get our usual favorites-mine was the crab cake dinner.

But that's enough about my Thanksgiving. On November 25, our family enjoyed the Hallmark Hall Of Fame movie "Christmas Everlasting."  Based on Martha Bostwick's book "The Second Sister", this movie follows Lucy Tooney's (Tatyana Ali) journey back home after the devastating loss of her best friend and "sister". The two had continued to grow close despite the strain the distance had on their friendship. Their friendship had overcome the biggest test of their lives when Alice got into an accident and had a traumatic brain injury which left her mentally challenged having to relearn everything again. Now, Lucy is left to face her past as well as her guilt. In the process, she inherits Alice's home as well as her cat under the expressed condition that she stay there until after Christmas. At first, she is reluctant but feelings for an old flame began to change her mind- not to mention wanting to find out who the mysterious Maeve is.

I related to this movie for many reasons. First and foremost, it involves a character with a disability. Although she died, I can relate to sometimes feeling like a burden to the people I care about. I know it takes time out of their lives to care for me on a daily basis but I know they love me and that's why they do it. Second of all, I know I have a small group of friends like Alice did (the "FOA" - Friends of Allic) that care about me. However, I wish I knew and felt I was making a difference in their lives. You see, most of them live in states far away from mine and I don't get to see them that often. While it's true we have cell phones and text, it's not the same as seeing them face-to-face; I miss those college days where we were in the dorms and they were just a call away if I needed them. Back then things were so easy and uncomplicated by the struggles of life

Anyway, sorry for drifting a little off-topic there. I would really recommend watching any reruns of Christmas Everlasting when it comes on. With special guest stars like Patty Labelle and Dennis Haysbert, it's sure to be a new Christmas favorite; it certainly is for me.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Preview - A Godwink Christmas - Miracles of Christmas

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Have you ever wondered whether God interacts with us on a daily basis? I believe he does. It may be in the unlikely circumstances of meaning friends from your childhood in the midst of the crowded shopping mall or just a simple urging in your spirit that something needs to be done right away. Either way, God does still speak to us in his own unique way- that way he gets our attention and we have no doubt he is watching out for us. In tonight's premiere of "A God Wink Christmas" we take a look at one couple's undeniable connection and despite that circumstances keep them apart. But God doesn't give up that easily and through several "GodWinks" they can no longer deny their chemistry. See the movie tonight on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 9 PM

Sunday, October 28, 2018

"One Heart At a Time"-a candid look at what makes Radio Show Host Delilah who she is

Welcome Back Readers,

I'll be honest I haven't felt quite like myself the last few weeks. Although I've been rolling along trying my best to work on the blog and YouTube videos, my heart hasn't been really in it. Still, news of Delilah's new book and podcast gave me something to do and post about. As I've said in previous posts, I've been listening to her radio show for as long as I can remember on and off throughout the years. Except for her faith (which she shares candidly on the air to anyone she feels led to), I didn't know much about her. Sure, I knew she had a nonprofit foundation to help feed and provide for the needy in underdeveloped countries. But because I read her new book "One Heart at a time" I feel like I know her more like a friend. Let me preface this review by saying, I'm only halfway through the book but I just had to share what I've been touched by so far.
  1. Delilah is a famous radio show host, yes, but she is also just a human with a broken heart- as with her radio show, Delilah is open and candid about her life and difficulty. In the very first chapter, she tackles the most recent tragedy that broke her heart- Zack's suicide. I admit this was a difficult chapter for me to read and listen to because I'm always used to hearing her positive attitude and spirit. But that's the truth, people are broken in this world and that's why they need to hear about the love of God.
  2. Delilah always seems to know what to say to her listeners. Reading and listening to her show, I'm always amazed how she knows exactly what to say to her audience. She is not afraid to share the gospel and how she feels about any subject. As she puts it, she has "the gift of gab"
  3. Delilah believes in Jesus and follows wherever he calls her. It's amazing to see how God works in other people's lives. Sometimes there as miraculous as receiving a email from a complete stranger that leads you to learn more about the difficulties in Liberia. That led to the greater purpose in her life- Point Hope
  4. Delilah believes prayer is vital in this life- her stories of praying for miracles as a child touched my heart; in the prayer chapter she also points out that God has the ability and often does meet us where we are in life, we just need to pray. Are you doubting? That's okay. It's even normal. Ask him to show you his presence in a very unique way to you and I'm sure he will. But you must keep your heart open.
  5. She is changing people's lives "one heart at a time". In her book, Delilah explains how she developed Point Hope with the express purpose of giving the homeless a hand up to restart their life. Over time, she realized they just had come to rely on that daily as their meal. It was then that she realized you have to get to know the person to really impact change.. Even with my blog and YouTube ministry, I sometimes feel like I'm not doing enough. I am not making a difference. But as my dad puts it, "God is watching you and is very proud of you!" If I'm being honest, a lot of the times I don't feel that way; I don't see the impact. Not only that, having a disability has a tendency to get me down these days. I don't know why. I can't explain it.
In short, Delilah has been through a lot in her life; but she has chosen to use her circumstances to share God's love through actions, foundations, and kind words on a daily basis.I can only hope to make the kind of difference she has. God bless!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Radio show host Delilah's philosophy: Touching "One Heart at a time"

Dear readers,
I'm not sure whether I've ever mentioned the Delilah show on Wash FM on here before or not. But I'm going to again if I haven't. I've been listening to her show on and off for as long as I can remember; as a matter of fact, I rekindled my love for the show soon after I got my first Amazon Echo and I realized I could listen to her on I Heart Radio whenever I wanted. This woman is special in too many ways to count- not only does she have the unique ability to listen to someone's story on the radio and pick out a song to match, but she also has a heart for children with special needs and those that aren't easily adopted. After taking a hiatus to deal with a personal loss, she is back to inspire people with her story, music, and podcast. Her new book entitled "One Heart At a Time gives a more in-depth and personal look into her life and her philosophy of reaching one person at a time.

She also has a new podcast entitled "Conversations With Delilah" where she invites friends and authors to have a open and authentic conversation about their books and life in general. Within each conversation, she hopes audiences take away something- a little piece of hope and inspiration for the future. In her most recent podcast with Rory Feek, the two share how you don't really learn to get over a loss, you just move on knowing that they are always with you.

For more information about Delilah, please go to:

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