Saturday, October 12, 2019

All Moved In

Dear readers~
It’s hard to believe it’s literally been a month since my last post on here; it feels like so much longer. But we did it- in a matter of weeks, we packed all our stuff and moved to another county. It feels so much longer though when you are living through it. But we made it. We’ve had our share of difficulties during the first few days. For example, I had to get around the house for the first week or so. Mind you, the owner said he would have one of his builders as soon as possible. I’m usually patient and understanding- after all, other stuff had to be finished before everything was finalized; but for those that have spent time in old wheelchairs, you get me... (Your body is squashed into a seat that no longer fits your stature and you feel short; for a couple of days, it’s okay. But a week is pushing it). After waiting a couple of days, my mom and dad were able to make a makeshift ramp and get my regular one in here. It didn’t help matters that the batteries in my chair aren’t holding power like they should. But they were able to get it up here safely.
          Stuck in the house a few days after this, the carpenter came along and I was finally able to get outside. I will say the ramp is nice and well worth the wait. We wait anxiously for our driveway to be paved on Monday and then my basement apartment to begin soon after. We continue to work with the homebuilder as we feel he has gone above and beyond in trying to work with us- price wise and accessibility wise.
          In the meantime, I am getting used to my temporary digs (formerly known as the family room). Except for the fact I am occasionally awoken by light streaming through the top of my windows, it’s nice^ I have my primary electronics up and running (my Amazon devices, Comcast TV and harmony hub). For a while, I didn’t miss a beat getting back into my writing routine. But now I’m stuck again. Anyway, it’s quite easy just driving out for family dinners at the kitchen table.
          Stress and close quarters continue to remain a factor as we are still in a state of transition and decisions still, need to be made (granted these are the fun ones- color and style of my basement area. But I continue to try and remain focused on my faith in this time as I can’t help but feel lonely and disconnected. I can’t quite explain it myself- everything happening in my life is good but something is still missing. Anyway, I’m staying close to God in this time holding onto Girl Defined Crossword for TRUST:
T-Turn your eyes upon him
R-Remember what He has done
S-Surrender (give your cares to Jesus)
T-Be thankful

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Philadelphia adventures; moving chaos

Dear Readers,
I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve written on this blog and more since I’ve updated my YouTube channel. Actually I can. But to me, time seems to be going extremely slowly. Let me explain. After I returned from the Christian Writers conference in Philadelphia, I was ecstatic and on fire to finish my book. I'd spend my days writing nonstop-rarely stopping to read or update my Facebook. Believe me, that’s quite a feat considering I have a tendency to write on it at leastI did once a day. It’s a wonder, my friends didn’t private message me about my whereabouts. But now you know. I’m trying to remember whether I updated you guys as to my project.

In short, they liked my idea of having a disabled character center stage and thought I could give it a unique voice, considering my situation. They just encouraged me to keep writing and think about getting an agent. They said my writing seemed strong enough. We even met one at the conference interested in reviewing my work.  But that was put on hold because of our upcoming move.

Before our adventures at the conference, we had been in the process of finding a home in which my parents could downsize and still keep my special needs in mind. After months of searching and putting our house on the market, we finally found one and are in the process of boxing our stuff to move. We have to be out of here soon and I feel bad I can’t help.

We're all stressed around here and it's showing itself in different ways. Dad's getting migraines (which he's never experienced), mom's back hurts her because of all the packing, me-, I can't write. Severe writers block.

The next few weeks are going to be complete chaos. Hotels, movers, etc.

Since my basement will not be done for at least a month, I will be living stairs. The change will be a bit to get used to. But at least I can be upstairs for Dinners for a while. Oh, I am not looking forward to having to rehire aides in that area. That's going to be fun. On the bright side, maybe some of them will be willing to take Medicaid so we don't have to pay cash. Although, this new timesheet system..

Anyway, I'm sorry my writing is not as eloquent as usual. You can tell I'm a little frustrated. Change is always difficult for anyone
Hopefully, I will be able to show you some pictures in my next post
Prayers would be appreciated

Monday, August 5, 2019

THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

Welcome Back Readers~

On the heels of 2016's controversial hit based on JoJo Moyes book Me Before You comes a more lighthearted company about the power of friendship to change anybody's life. This film, which stars Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston is loosely based on the Toronto film, which was nominated for the best foreign film during the Oscars at one time. Kevin is an ex-con looking for his second chance in work and in life when he crosses paths with a paralyzed author in need of a caregiver. He is not the most qualified for the job, but because Philip is at his wits with life in a wheelchair, he does not care. As the line between caregiver and friendship blurs, the two learn much from each other.

For Dell, Philip provides a respectable job. He looks beyond the "ex-con" and sees the person. He sees a man looking to restore his relationship with his son and girlfriend who he has failed time and time again. For Philip, Dell seems like an easy solution to his "DNR problem" because he doesn't really care. But as he shows Philip how fun life can be, that becomes less and less of an issue. Dell, like Philip, is able to look beyond the physical and see the person inside. He helps Philp come to grips with his wife's death as well as the implications of his disability.

  1. Disability has no impact on a person's manhood/womanhood
  2. Don't allow one rejection impact the way you relate to other people (relationships/friendships)
  3. Don't allow your disability/accident to push you into giving up your passions in life
  4. God has placed people in your life for a reason. Try to learn something from them!!
The 2019 remake is rated PG 13- for some strong language and sexual references as well as brief drug usage- all of which, I think could have been done without. Despite this, the film is highly relatable and shows what quadriplegics go through on a daily basis. Living in a world full of misconceptions, it is often hard for me to open up and show my true self because often I have to deal with stereotypes on a daily basis.

For more information on the movie, please go to:

Friday, June 7, 2019

Camp Echoing Hills

Welcome Back Readers ~
My dad always tells me how blessed I should be living in the technological age that I am, and having a disability. And I come to believe that more now than ever. You see, today I watched Thriving With Cerebral Palsy:The Cordell Brown Story. This documentary tells the story of Cordell Brown and the difficulties he had growing up with a disability. Despite having parents that instilled a "can-do" attitude within him, Cordell still struggled to accept his disability on a daily basis. That is until he found Jesus. With his newfound faith, he tried his best to integrate himself into "normal" society with little success- because of the stereotypes that people had of CP at the time. Until a friend named Bob allowed him to volunteer as a driver for his Bible camp; from there he worked his way up into higher level jobs in the camp. It was during his work at the camp that Bob mentioned the idea of starting a  camp for people with disabilities on his family land. As always, his parents were supportive. It was then that Camp Echoing Hills was born..

For more information on Cordell's story or Echoing Hills, please go to:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New update from Debbie ; plus what's new on TV ..The Employables intro | A&E

Dear Readers~

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I've been busy focusing on my personal writing as well. as looking out for new material for this blog. Over the last few months, I've gone to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to celebrate my 39th birthday with family. During that trip, I experienced a lot of first- my first show at the Alabama theater, my first ride on a handicapped accessible Ferris wheel called The Sky Wheel. Anyway, I highlighted some of those in my latest YouTube video over on my channel- so feel free to take a look.

Since I've been unemployed for about two years ago, the topic of unemployment is a sore spot for me. Being disabled, I can say first hand. It's difficult getting people to look beyond the wheelchair. I get it-. I really do. I mean, I can't just get up and go to work like a regular person, I need help with feeding as well as personal activities. But we need more people to look beyond our limitations and see the possibilities we have as human beings. That's why I'm still interested in this new show called The Employables on A& E. While this show mainly centers around its clients who have Tourette's Syndrome finding jobs, what I find particularly interesting is how the group of "experts" do this. They get to know their clients personally, examine their strengths and weaknesses through a bunch of tests

The show airs Wednesdays on A & E at 10 PM.

For more information about this program, please go to:

On a personal note, since Memorial Day, I have come to realize this would be my one year anniversary of my YouTube channel. So I may come up with something special in one of my future episodes. Stay tuned

Love you all, but God loves you more..

Your friend,


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Inside the Story: Paralyzed barrel racer's story to become Netflix origi...

Welcome Back Readers~

I ended last night by watching "Walk, Ride, Rodeo," on Netflix. This film chronicles the life of Amberley Snyder, a barrel rider paralyzed in a car accident, Refusing to give up on her love for the pastime, Snyder fights to regain her upper strength and independence. Along the way, the family came up with different techniques of securing her to this saddle with a seatbelt and leg straps. This film kind of reminded me of "The Brooke Ellison Story" and "The Soul Surfer". In real life, Snyder is now a professional barrel racer as well as a motivational speaker.

For more information about Amberley's story, please go to:

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Personal Update: Flu Adventures

Dear Readers~

Let me begin this post by saying I'm sorry for the long radio silence on my end, but that could not be helped. The flu virus took down our entire household and we were down for the count. This doesn't mean it was a "fun adventure" as my title entry says, but that just happened to be the first words that came to mind while writing this blog.

The first one down was me. It all started with a nagging cough and a runny nose. At first, we thought it was a simple cold and proceeded as such. I will spare you the nasty details that urged my family and me to take me to urgent care the next day- only to learn I indeed had the flu and a 101° temperature to prove it!

My mom and dad stayed vigil during the worst of it. That being said, it was inevitable that one of them would get sick next. Of course, isn't that the type of sacrifice any parent would give for their child?

Dad was down for the count next.  This made things even more difficult since my mom was headed to babysit my nieces while my brother and sister-in-law went off to celebrate their anniversary. Despite his illness, dad did his best to take care of me Since I was still coughing constantly (unable to use my voice recognition), I spent most of my time playing games on my phone, reading audiobooks and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

I will say the one bright spot in all of this was that I found Irene Hannon's Hope Harbor books. If I hadn't been coughing, I would've spent most of my time working on my computer and my blog (not that that's a bad thing) but I had to find other ways to entertain myself not using my voice. These books help me relax since they were set on the beach and had very inspirational themes. Going along with the beach theme, I also watched a Netflix series called Bondi Rescue. This show featured ocean rescues that took place on Australia's most popular beach spot.

Meanwhile, mom was getting sick as well. She was doing her best to take care of the girls and nurse herself back to health. At one point, we had to come down and help her. She actually ended up with pneumonia!

That's the long short of it-. How the flu ravaged our family. I still have a little cough nagging me, but that's about it. I hope all my readers are doing okay. If not, I know what you're going through this flu season has been rough.


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