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Between Heaven And the Real World:: My Story- Debbie's Review

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Steven Curtiis Chapman's Between Heaven and The Real World: My Story gives fans an in-depth and candid look at his life. From his upbringing to the very start of  musical career, it seems like the beginning of a fairytale. Not true. Everyone struggles. Even Steven. From a very young age, he fought feelings of inadequacy when it came to his relationship with his father as well as his musical talent, living in the shadow of his brother Herbie. Little did he know these experiences would teach them to rely on God in all aspects of his life;  this would translate into an uncanny ability to create lyrics that audiences could relate to. Steven also is an open book (literally) when it comes to his personal life- including opening up about his marriage, adoption, and even the accident that changed his family's life forever.

Little is known about how the topic of adoption came about. 11-year-old Emily first brought up the idea when she started asking for a baby sister sister. But could they really handle the challenge? After all, the Chapmans already had three biological children of their own. But when Mary Beth admitted she always thought about about the idea of adopting a child from Asia. After Emily and her dad attended a fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services , Emily was more adamant than ever that the that the family should adopt. But Mary Beth still had roadblocks that needed to be removed before even thinking about adopting from China. First, she had read about the biological children restriction; she had read that China would not allow them to adopt. At the time of their initial interest, Bethany revealed that the restriction had been raised to allow more biological children. One roadblock removed. Mary Beth had also read that most children from China were 2-three years old, when she originally envisioned adopting a baby. Christian services actually reported that most babies were 8 to 10 months old. Check. One final question: What would they name the child if they were to adopt? Upon further discussion, she revealed how much she liked the Hannah. Then, her husband jokingly pointed out the similarities between Sarah and Abraham from the Bible and their family; both thinking they could not have more children in their old age. That brought up the idea of adding laughter somewhere in the name. The two soon forgot about it.

Later, Steven just happened to be reading a Reader Digest feature about a adoptive family trying to find a cure for their son, who had an unknown illness. His name  included the Mandarin word for laughter in it. It was as if God himself was shining down on them, listening to every concern they had and answered it in his own unique way. Soon after, they traveled to China, welcoming Hannah (with the Mandarin word for laughter as her middle name- my apologies. I tried to find it exactly on the Internet, but couldn't) Chapman into the family. not long after, they added one more to the family named Stevie Joy. It was then that they realized the financial burdens that adoption causes for families and created the nonprofit organization Show Hope, which provides assistance for those willing to adopt from China. 

With Emily starting high school,, things were changing around the Chapman household. It was one week before Easter while touring in China when Steven first met Maria. She had been left by the riverbed and was later diagnosed with a birth defect, which caused her to have a hole in her heart. Originally she was For by an Australian missionary couple; but after being called back to the states, they cannot adopt her because of poor relationships of the countries. And so she had been passed on to Tim and Amy Haddon. There was a instant connection between Steven and Maria; soon, he felt, and urging to adopt her as well. Only one obstacle- getting everyone else on board. After he returned from the tour, however, he found adoption papers already signed by Mary Beth; he only needed to sign them to get the process. The Chapman family was soon complete.

On February  20th 2008, Maria began showing interest in God and his "Big, big house," Audio Adrenaline's song had been taught as part of Maria's preschool curriculum and she wanted to learn more about it. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to witness, Mary Beth called her husband into help. They talked about his house and how he paid the ultimate sacrifice so that someday she could come to live with him; but for now he would come into her heart-if only she would ask him. From that point on, Maria prayed a simple prayer and laid her heart out for all to see. After Maria was finished, Stevie Joy decided if Maria was going there someday, she'd like to go to. They repeated the process and then headed off to preschool where the teachers continued the celebration. Little did they know how important that day would become in the near future.

On May 21, 2008, their lives changed forever when Maria raced outside to meet Will as he rounded the driveway in this car. Maria was struck head-on and airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center. After trying everything, she did not survive

The family each grieved in their own way- Will feeling responsible for his sister's death, Mary Beth retreating into a deep depression. Steven kept reminding himself how the Lord gives and takes away.Yours later, that grief motivated them to create Maria's Big House of Hope- a medical center for children with special needs in the middle of China.

*I apologize if any of these specific details are off in terms of a timeline; I tried my best to paraphrase the details that touched my heart in the book. I'll always have a heart for adoption and helping those with special needs- though I will probably never be able to adopt because of my circumstances. But I do encourage those who will are intrigued by my summary of the book to read it on their own. I would also encourage them to take a look at the links below and consider contributing to the nonprofit organizations.

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A Boy Called Po Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

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Today I just happened upon a independent movie that explores the complex relationship between a boy with autism and his parent; it was called A Boy Called Po. Throughout this movie, the main character whose real name is Patrick struggles to find this place between the imaginary world. He creates in mind and the real world where he is coping with his mother's death and bullying at school. While his father struggles to branch the gap between him and his son, we are able to get a real-life glimpse of what is like to be  labeled as Autism.

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THE GOOD DOCTOR Official Trailer (HD) Freddie Highmore ABC Drama

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Along with the topic of CP being highlighted in ABC's  Speechless, the disability of autism has been added to ABC's lineup. The Good Doctor, which premiered on Monday, features a main character with high functioning autism, joining the ranks as part of the residency team at a local hospital. His job may be in jeopardy, though, because colleagues debate his competency to do with the drama and even appear for his interview-he is late, though, because he tries to save a child's life. The show premiered on Monday September 25 at 10 p.m.

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Asperger's Are Us: Overcoming Stereotypes

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I came across this comedy group documentary on Netflix. What's different about this group is that they have Asperger's syndrome. This syndrome is high on the autism spectrum, where they have difficulty communicating and maintaining meaningful relationships. This group consists of four friends including new Michael, Noah, Ethan, and Jack; they met at a camp for people with Asperger's and instantly bonded because of their love of comedy. From there, the dream of creating a comedy group was born. Albeit, some of it is difficult to understand and relate to, but these guys are living their dream despite their disability.

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Human by Christina Perri (cover by Carley Elle Allison)

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This YouTube video was done by Carley Allison. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her trachea; it was operated on and she underwent chemotherapy. Though the treatment was successful for a short time, she was later diagnosed with a rare and interoperable form of lung cancer called Clear Celll Sarcoma. She died at age 19.

Her courageous story is told in the theatrical movie called Kiss and Cry. While watching this movie on Netflix, I was inspired by her take on the Kiss and Cry booth as a skater. Being a skater herself (as well as a singer, she said the kiss and cry booth reminded her not of the importance of winning, but the importance of getting back up and trying again. That's like life, isn't it?

For more on this amazing story and what her family is doing to keep Carley's memory alive, please go to:

The Kiss and Cry movie:

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Atypical | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Another Netflix series highlights the trials and tribulations of having a teenager with a disability; this time it features a storyline of someone with autism. With a all-star cast, this series tackles what people with this disability encounter on a daily basis- from taking things literally in conversations to hypersensitivity to noises. This  series also tackles the daily stress a disability has on the entire family  as well. After only watching three episodes, I am impressed at how it is unfolding, however, I will be disappointed if the series ends with only seven episodes.. There are so many complex conflicts to uncover..

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A Boy and His Dog- The Story of Haatchi and Owen

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I am always surprised how I come up with the articles for this blog, but then I reminded that God is in control of even the minute details. Take yesterday, for instance. I am eating at Red Robin and this story is on on the TV on ESPN. Granted, at first it caught my eye because the main protagonist of the story reminded me of Shane, a young man had dwarfism and the mainstream inclusion class that I was in. But that's a whole different story..

Anyway, I digress...

At first glance, this story seems like your typical assistance dog partnership. But it is so much more than that. You see, Owen was born with a rare syndrome, which causes his muscles to constantly be in a state of tension all the time. In London, only 10 other people have this disorder. Haatchi like his owner also has special needs; due to unfortunate circumstance, this Anatolian Shepherd was abandoned in Northern London by the railroad tracks at five months of age. During that time, he was hit by a train; that left no other choice but to have his leg and tail amputated

Due to Owen's syndrome, he often felt uncomfortable going out in his wheelchair. But that all changed when the dog came around.

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