Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Abilities Expo Experience

Welcome Back Readers~

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the 2016 Abilities Expo. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this event, it highlights different technologies and resources meant to enhance and/or increase independence in the lives of people with disabilities.For instance, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to "run"? I certainly have..  Well, with the help of Ainsley's Angels, I have the opportunity to take part in marathon in which I wouldn't otherwise be able to. You see, the organization has volunteers in  Virginia as well as other parts of the country who will act as the feet of  those are unable to walk; therefore giving them an experience they will always- the ability to run with the breeze in your hair and the vibration of the ground beneath your feet.

For more information on this organization, please go to:

Looking forward to "running" sometime soon

Friday, December 2, 2016

Reflections for the upcoming season; Debbie's update

Merry Christmas.

Even as I dictate this, I can't believe it's that time of year already. For those of you that have followed this blog over the year, you probably understand what I mean..  Since losing my job almost 2 years ago, posts on this blog have been pretty sparse. Partly because I've been spending my time mailing out resumes  to appropriate contacts as well as dealing with  Social Security in  the interim. That's a whole  other story within itself. But I digress

The fact is I haven't been quite myself since.  True, the job help me out financially but even more than that it gave me a reason every morning-  a new sense of purpose. You see, I've always felt a calling when it comes to advocating for the disabled; I just wasn't quite sure how that criteria will fit into the job description;  that is until I started writing blogs on web accessibility- things sort of fell into place after that. I loved my job, people  appreciated me. More than that, having  financial independence gave me a new sense of freedom; I was able to support myself and continue living the apartment.  In hindsight, this began a negative pattern of self-reliance. I almost  forgot who had provided the job in the first place and how to be grateful in the first place

Hence, I can't help feeling that's why I am where I am right now. Not as a punishment, mind you but allowing me the time to get my bearings and learn a deeper dependence on God then ever before. Still, that doesn't mean I am not disappointed that I have to move back in with my parents in February. I will certainly miss my place.

I've heard it said that Christmas comes when we need it the most. That's certainly true this  Christmas. I need  God to renew to me the joy of my salvation.

With that, I leave this  question to you my readers: What present would you give your heart this Christmas?

Mine would be a new sense of faith and hope for the future
(Yes I know the verse Jeremiah 29:11- that God already provided for that but it's another thing to fully leave on that promise day in and day out, I'm only human!)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Get a Sneak Peak at ‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors : Circle of...

Dear Readers,

Following in the footsteps of Dolly Parton's inspirational story entitled "The Coat of Many Colors," comes the second installment "Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love." Since overcoming the loss of little Larry, the family has seen their share of difficulties, this time is no exception, as they are trying to scrape up enough money to have a decent Christmas. To that effort, their father takes a job working in a cold mine. But will this job cost him his life?

The movie premieres on November 30 at 9 PM. Comcast users can  easily catch up on the story by  searching for  Coat of Many Colors," on-demand

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Season of Little People, Big World

Welcome Back Readers,

Little People, Big World returns for its 12th season on TLC; having grown up watching the Rolloff the family, I am looking forward to seeing how the family grows together as well as individuals. I applaud them for staying strong as a unit despite their separation. I look forward to seeing Zach and Jeremy taking more of a leadership stance on the form as well as in their personal lives. They've both grown up so much over the past few seasons; I can't believe they're both married now!

For more information, please go to the following pages:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Encouragement: Lizzie Velasquez

Hello Again Readers~

A few days ago, I had the privilege of watching A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story on Lifetime. This documentary tells the remarkable story of how she lives with an undiagnosed disorder and coped with bullying at a young age. This disorder, diagnosed within the documentary, causes Lizzie to not gain weight and have cardiac issues. Some people may feel uncomfortable seeing her at first; but over time, they forget her disability and listen to the heart her message.

For more on her remarkable journey: please see the following resources:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Meet HK- How a Unlikely FriendshipTransformed 2 Lives

Welcome Back Readers,

While listening to  Delilah on IHeartRadio one evening, she introduced her book  of the month club selection. This month, she chose The  Awakening of  HK Derryberry: My Unlikely Friendship with the Boy Who  Remembers Everything. This book tells the inspiring true story of how one chance meeting transforms two lives for the better. You see, HK was born with cerebral palsy and  several  other disabilities;  in his young life, he had encountered numerous  difficulties from not knowing  how to interact in social situations to  dealing with  physical problems

HK  is now 26-year-old  and a wonderful young man. It has been eye-opening learning about his  transformation due to  Mr.  Bradford. On the flip side, I'm sure Mr. Bradford is more open to God's leading in his life.

For more information on this  book or their  amazing friendship, please  go to:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Encouragement: Jen Bricker actively lives out her faith

Welcome Back Readers~

Being adopted and disabled, many could look at Jen Bricker and say she has every right to view her life with a "glass half empty" perspective; she, on the other hand, does not feel that way at all. Born with no legs and growing up in a Christian family, Jen believes everything happens for a reason and that the circumstances of her life have made her into the person she is today. In her book Everything Is Possible, she explores the inspiring events leading up to her adoption and the unexpected revelation of having a gymnastic superstar for a sister as just some of the monumental events responsible for developing a active and moving faith in God.

For more information on Jen, please see the following links:

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