Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Encouragement: Honoring Mattie Stepanek

As many of you may know, Oprah's last show is this week. While I don't agree with many of her perspectives on faith etc., she has introduced the world to several inspiring people her time on the air. One of them being 13-year-old Mattie Stepanek. I featured him several years back because of his outspoken views on peace and living the best you can through whatever circumstances God gives you...

You see, Mattie was born with muscular dystrophy despite this devastating diagnosis, he used his time on this Earth wisely by spreading the message of hope to everyone he came in contact with. Despite his youth, he had wisdom beyond his years. He even went as far as publishing two books entitled Heart Songs and Journey through heart songs, which went on to be put to music with the help of country music star Billy Gilman.

You can find more about his books and CD on One of his most famous sayings was:: "We are a mosaic of gifts and each of us has our own inner beauty no matter how we look,"

In the most recent interview with Mattie's, we find that his message lives on. In his final hours, he never gave up the positive attitude by "challenging his mom to inhale. Do not breathe to simply exist"

Monday, May 23, 2011

The "Uplift Someone" campaign on GMC TV

Happy Monday!

I am pleased to start this week on a good note, with the help of GMC TV's newest campaign. Ifyou are familiar with the ad, Nick Lachey shares the ability we all have to brighten someone's day by doing something unexpected and showing you care. It's a powerful message! To find out more about the initiative, you can click here:

To take part in the project, consider doing something for someone or purchasing the "uplift" bracelet to remind yourself of the cause. They can be found here:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lady Gaga Lyrics for Her Newest Single, "Born This Way"

Welcome Back, Everyone~

Okay, so I'm having a bit of a debate with myself while writing this post. First of all, I don't want my readers to think I am a fan of Lady Gaga or all of her music because I'm not. Second of all, I am conflicted with with a majority of the lyrics of her song. Still, I find the concept of her newest single "Born This Way" to have a ring of truth as it relates to the disabled community itself. Although some of the stances are clearly used to share a political opinion, the overall message remains the same.. "... I was born this way" and "God makes no mistakes"

The full lyrics can be found here ( Along with that, here is a deaf person's take on the song- (presented in American sign language)

I apologize if this post offends anybody, but I thought the "concept" of the song was worth sharing.. I'm still not sure if I'm doing the right thing!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Encouragement: P & G Thank You Mom Advertisement


So I don't usually highlight advertisements on my blog. But I thought this one was pretty special. I think it came out around Mother's Day and P & G kept using it for the big response they've received. My apologies for not knowing what the initials stand for: anyway, the company does a great job at showing how the Special Olympics helps the disabled community.

Check it out here:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr. Phil Highlights Bullying of The Disabled and Other Groups Of People

Welcome Back~
For those of you that follow my blog daily, you may have noticed that today's post showed up a day late. Or maybe you didn't even notice... Either way, I am back from a short vacation in Annapolis, Maryland. My dad had business there and I decided to join him. My mom is off on a short vacation as well, visiting family.
It was a great time, just spending time with my father and being able to reflect on my life in new surroundings. Granted, I would have liked to have stayed a longer to see the sights of Annapolis: my dad told me the Naval Academy was down that way. Meetings kept my dad pretty busy though.. Still, I managed to make the best of my time there-tasting eggs Benedict for the very first time and making good use of the hotel's Internet connection.

Now that I'm back, though, it's time to let you in on the latest issues regarding the disabled community.. I'm talking about the constant tendency to "look down" on those with mental or physical impairments. This was the controversy discussed on Dr. Phil's "Bullies Beware" episode. In this episode, a 26-year-old woman says she is "proud" to be a bully. She even goes further by saying handicapped people make her feel uncomfortable.

As usual, Dr. Phil tries to put everything in perspective. He not only reasons that she might feel the need to bully because of her own insecurity and lack of knowledge about a disability. What irks me most was when a actor playing a disabled citizen talked to her, she wouldn't give him the time of day: but when he stood up (later on in the show) only than did she start talking!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Encouragement: And Your Name is Jonah...

Welcome back~

Okay, so I realize I haven't kept up with this blog lately. I really can't explain my reasoning behind my absence: it's just that there's not much out there regarding disabilities right now. There's also no denying I haven't been myself lately. But I'm doing my best trying to remember what's important-that God will never forget me just as he didn't forget his covenant with his people in Deuteronomy. Still, God tries to remind me in small ways that He's around.

Especially in the chaos that is my life these days.. But my college chaplain was sure right when he told us to Expect the Unexpected during one of his most memorable sermons.

Let's just say I learned that lesson again today..

Anyway, I came across a interesting movie while surfing my Netflix instant library library. It was entitled And Your Name is Jonah; filmed in the 1980s, it tells the heartbreaking story of a deaf young man Jonah Corelli who was misdiagnosed with mental retardation as a boy. Jonah (Jeffrey Bravin) and his mother (Sally Struthers) face many trials as they struggle to readjust to life in the outside world and as a reunited family. Faced with a decision, she searches high and long for a way to communicate with her son.

You can see parts of the film here:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Review of: After the Fall

Hey Guys ~

It's been a while since I last featured Hallmark 's original movie After the Fall on my blog. If you recall, I was unable to review it because the movie was to be play move will set ed on a channel I was previously unable to receive. As it turns out, Hallmark finally re-aired the program on the channel and as luck would have it, I receive the channel. To recap, the movie tells the harrowing story of a show jumper fighting to walk again after a devastating fall leaves her paralyzed.

The movie stars Andrea Bowen as Jenna Danville; Greg Evigan as Philip Danville; Gail O'Grady as Dr. Susan Miles and Rick Malambri as Will Dutton. Although it is a inspiration as a whole, the movie also sheds light on the impact that depression can have on the disabled community whether a recovery isn't possible. This is done exquisitely through the character of Anna whose last hope is this therapy trial. When it doesn't succeed for her, she is on the verge of giving up and takes matters into her own hands. I won't tell you what happens next but I will say that it changes both of their life forever.

One of my favorite quotes from the movie was this: "Thanks for being a constant reminder that it's not about the chair: it's about your spirit"

For more information about After the Fall, you can go to:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Courageous: a Movie for All Fathers

So I realize Father's Day is a long way off-what is it like in June or something? But I've been thinking about the role of parents in our life. Fathers specifically (although the title is not limited to certain responsibilities) provide us with a pretty good example of the reality of who God is. In other words, they love and accept us for who we are: not only that, they only want the best for us.

God is the same way. While it's true, humans will always have a propensity to sin and lose their way: Christians have the confidence in knowing God will always be with them. That isn't saying there won't be consequences for their mistakes. There almost always are. But God will welcome us back with open arms.

Lately, my dad has been a constant reminder of this godly example. I can't tell you exactly what's been going on with me lately, but most of it involves just feeling a insurmountable distance from God and not being able to climb it myself. But you know what they say... I think it's something like, "When You Feel Far Away from God, You Are The One That Moved"

It's so true!

On another note, I feel the need to feature a upcoming movie by Sherwood films. Many of you might remember me telling you about such movies as Fireproof and Facing the Giants. Well, they've done it again. This movie follows three firemen as they each struggle to learn what it means to be a father

Check their website out at:
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