Friday, January 19, 2018

Carly's Café - Experience Autism Through Carly's Eyes

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Not many people really know what it's like in the   mind of someone with autism, but this YouTube gives you a glimpse into their world. Thanks to medical and technological advances, some are able to break through the wall to communicate with family and friends- like Carly. Being  nonverbal, she uses a computer to put her thoughts down on paper; her intellectual prowess and comedic timing inspired her to create a Internet channel interviewing celebrities. .

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

This Time,Next Year- Inspirational Transformations Throughout One Year

Dear Readers,

Last night I watched an interesting premiere on lifetime that encapsulated people's personal transformations throughout one year into a matter of minutes. From a disabled man injured in a car accident promising to walk again to a woman's dream of becoming a bodybuilder, As the host of This Time Next Year,Cat Deely follows them on their journey to make their dreams come true. The Show airs on Lifetime Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

On a personal note, I was deeply touched by story of Derrick Strong. This amazing young man was always interested in taking care of others as aa nurses aide; until a tragic accident left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Doctors said he would never walk again, but he was determined with the help of family and friends to walk by himself by this time next year. During the montage which showed his journey, he encountered at another incredible obstacle- he was involved in another accident on his way from therapy. That still did not stop him though and he was able to walk with the assistance of a Walker and able to hug Cat as he walked through the "Next Year" doors. His amazing testimony of "The Impossible is Possible with God" left the audience in tears.

Try as I might, I was unable to find any more articles about this inspirational man. I'm not sure that he knows how much his five minute interview changed the minds of millions of  people across the world- including myself. I wish him the best in all his future endeavors and hope he continues to walk tall whatever life brings him.

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