Friday, December 29, 2017

My Favorite Holiday Assistive Technology

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I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family and friends; I certainly did. Some of my favorite gifts included a Ultimate Harmony remote which allows me to control several devices such as my Amazon fire and my TiVo all through my Alexa simply by using my voice. For example, I can say, "go to 240" and it switch the channel as requested. I can also turn up the volume of the TV by simply saying, "Turn up the volume." In order to switch to the Amazon fire,I, I simply ask Alexa to "turn on Fire TV,"; I don't have to ask my personal assistant to switch inputs because it does so automatically
This remote does require some programming experience in order to make the devices work together to complete complex demands.

For more information on harmony products, please go to:

The Nest thermostat was my next favorite present; this assistive technology works to with the app as well as Alexa to control your thermostat. It also has the ability to recognize when you are away from the home and lower the temperature: when  you return, it will increase to a preset temperature.

For more information on Nest technology, please go to:

The last assistive technology is clearly not yet; but Toyota is doing its best to make the lives of quadriplegics a whole lot better with the introduction of a personal assistant robot that retrieves drinks

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Reflections on The Christmas Season

Dearest Readers,

Last week begun the traditional start to the holiday season; for the first time I can remember, our church has decided to continue the tradition of lighting candles until Christmas.. This week's candle was the Candle of Hope.

But hope for what?

Financial stability??

True love??

Continued health and wellness in the new year??

The Oxford dictionary defines hope as “A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen”. Peter said we have a “living hope” and this is that we have an inheritance of eternal life kept for us in Heaven. (1 Pet 3:3-5). Our faith is focused on this -  “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). So, what is our hope?  It is eternal life. And in Whom is our hope? It is in  Jesus Christ  (1 Timothy ).

Throughout the generations, Christians have lost  their awe for what happened the night of Jesus's birth- how everything came to pass as was prophesied. I'm not saying we should forget God's kind and compassionate character, but it is only when we acknowledge our need for Him that we can truly comprehend God's master plan of allowing us to point others toward Jesus himself.  Or as Isaiah put it in Isaiah 6:5-8:  
"Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with tongs from the altar. 7With it he touched my mouth and said, “See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for.”Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Take for example Jefferson Moore's A Perfect  Stranger movie trilogy. Although the premise of the movies are nice  in theory (because Jesus did come down to earth to live among us to spread the gospel news) these movies tend to gloss over how powerful God truly is and what he is truly capable of..

This brings me back to   my original question:  How Do We Get Back To The True Meaning of Christmas?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I Believe- In Memory of Della Reese

Dearest Readers,

It is with deep sorrow that I report that Della Reese has passed away at the age of 86,best known for her role as Tess in the series, Touched By An Angel, Reese made us believe in every day miracles. Debuting in 1994, the series centered around a group of angels sent down to help humans find hope in the midst of their daily struggles here on earth; the main message of "God loves you " being a central theme of every episode. Created by Martha Williamson, the show lasted nine seasons on CBS, conquering many controversial topics such as homelessness, mental illness and other other tragedies like 9/11 It taught audiences that for those that believe in Jesus, there is no fear in death-with the introduction of The Angel Of Death (portrayed albeit ironically by actor John Dye) Dye was not the stereo typical angel of death- dark and scary; instead, he spread God's light- both figuratively and literally with a message of hope and faith until they saw God for themselves.

I myself looked forward to every Sunday when for one hour I was reminded about the real possibility of Angels walking among us. In a world that barely recognizes Jesus anymore (aside from church and family life) I was given hope that someone is watching over me- either God himself or Angels of past relatives. God knows where I have been and knows where I am going because he's already there. He is there even though I may not always feel him.

In her last sighting out, Della Reese was asked about her belief in Angels. I believe her response says it best:

"..Everybody needs an angel in their life,what he left us to help us through was faith.."

Rest In Peace Della Reese!

More inspirational clips of Della Reese:

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS | Official Trailer | In theaters this Tha...

Dear Readers,

With Thanksgiving almost here, I hope everybody is  time with family and friends- I certainly am. even though it seems like a quiet one, I intend to make the best of it going to the movies with my mom and dad. One of them will possibly be The Man Who Invented Christmas. Although the title is a little deceiving because Jesus was and always is the reason we have Christmas, this movie tells the story of a writer (Charles Dickens) struggling with writer's block. As Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens IV) looks around for ideas, the characters for A Christmas Carol began to come alive for him. With  big stars as Christopher Plummer  as Scrooge and Jonathan Pryce as John Dickens,it should be a interesting one. I hope to see  this movie during my Christmas break, I kind of relate to it being a writer..

For more information about the movie, please go to:

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Same Kind of Different as Me Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

Welcome Back Readers~

Although I didn't have a chance to see this movie in theaters, it intrigued me enough to read the book. This book is told from two distinct perspective, that of a upper-class well educated white man andl a homeless African-American. I only point out the race because each influences how they see the other in the beginning but by the end, race doesn't seem to matter. After Ron Hall and his wife Deborah experience some marital difficulties, the struggle to find ways to reconnect. That's when Deborah brings up the idea of helping out at the homeless mission in Texas. It is then when she reveals a dream that God laid on her heart to help out here and of a "friend" that would help them change the city. At first, Ron shakes it off as just a dream, but when Denver enters the picture Deborah is sure he's the one from her dream.

"Become his friend," she encourages.

Obviously taken aback, Ron is unsure.

On the other hand, Denver is wary of anyone who works at the mission. He believes anyone who comes to help is just doing their holiday duty to make themselves feel better. But when they return every Tuesday, his attitudes began to change. Through friendship, Ron develops a deeper understanding of Denver's perspective on people and why the is wary of them. Time passes and the two become closer. It is when Deborah develops cancer that Denver becomes part of the family.

On a personal note, there are a lot of quotes in this book that I found full of wisdom One such quote being that we are all homeless waiting to be taken up to heaven where God is waiting for us (I think Denver puts it better in his book; it is also a quote in the trailer above) Denver also believes that some people see friendship as a catch and release psychology- here today, gone tomorrow-but if he's your friend, he's a friend for life.

I highly recommend this book although the first half is kind of slow and it takes a while to get involved in the plot

Monday, November 6, 2017

Reflections on The Book of Jonah

Dear Readers,

This Sunday our church started a four-week series on the book of Jonah; I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the story, but I will try to summarize it for you. In short, Jonah is a prophet of God who is called to preach to the people of Nineveh. However, Jonah didn't want to go because he thought the people there to wicked and set in their ways to repent. Instead, he fled to Tarshish by boat. During the trip, the boat encounters a storm-; in the midst of it all, everyone (except Jonah is afraid they are going to die. (Jonah is asleep and completely oblivious.) Finally out of options, they go to him and ask asking what to do. Jonah realizes God is disappointed in him and he is the cause for everything. He then tells the shipmates to throw him overboard. But God is not through with him yet; he causes a whale to swallow him and he stays there for three days and nights. After which, the whale throws up and spits Jonah on land. From there, he sets out to Nineveh and preaches and surprisingly they repent.. That is the gist of it.

I kind of relate to Jonah lately. Not that I’ve been running away from God; just feeling the distance from him. A lot has been going on with my family lately; With both of my parents getting older and having more medical issues (leaving them unable to lift or lifting with great difficulty), I am left with little to count. My agency is not that reliable and we are left on our own two figure things out. But that’s a whole other story. Personally I feel this whole situation is trying to get me to lean on God more than anyone or anything else. It’s getting more and more uncomfortable realizing that my parents are getting older and soon I may be on my own. I am trying to adjust to changes in showering routine and equipment. But it has to be done. Either way, God is always with me and love me no matter what happens. That’s why I’m hoping God will bring someone into my life (personal aide or significant other) to support me; I need someone besides my parents.I am independent, but we all need someone

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wonder (2017 Movie) Official Trailer #2 - “Brand New Eyes” – Julia Rober...

Welcome Back Guys

I'm really looking forward to this movie which highlights the struggles of mainstreaming people with disabilities into public schools. Based on the New York bestseller, this movie follows August Pullman as he struggles to  fit in on his first day of middle school; it's kind of hard though seeing as he was born with facial  deformities that cause him to stand out in the crowd. This movie features an outstanding cast of Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson,Jacob Tremblay, Mandy Patinkin, Daveed Diggs, and Izabela Vidovic. it shows how one extraordinary boy with "special" needs can give more to his community then they can only imagine if given a chance. The movie hits theaters November 17th!

I find myself relating a lot to the topics of this book as I read it; I distinctly remember people staring at me as I drove my wheelchair up and down the halls using my head controls. I also really appreciate how the author takes the time to write from the different perspectives of the family members: August himself and then his sister as well as his parents. It gives a honest portrayal of how a disability impacts the family as a whole and not just the individual. I would recommend it for children and adults alike..

For more information about the movie and/or book, please go to:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Between Heaven And the Real World:: My Story- Debbie's Review

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Steven Curtiis Chapman's Between Heaven and The Real World: My Story gives fans an in-depth and candid look at his life. From his upbringing to the very start of  musical career, it seems like the beginning of a fairytale. Not true. Everyone struggles. Even Steven. From a very young age, he fought feelings of inadequacy when it came to his relationship with his father as well as his musical talent, living in the shadow of his brother Herbie. Little did he know these experiences would teach them to rely on God in all aspects of his life;  this would translate into an uncanny ability to create lyrics that audiences could relate to. Steven also is an open book (literally) when it comes to his personal life- including opening up about his marriage, adoption, and even the accident that changed his family's life forever.

Little is known about how the topic of adoption came about. 11-year-old Emily first brought up the idea when she started asking for a baby sister sister. But could they really handle the challenge? After all, the Chapmans already had three biological children of their own. But when Mary Beth admitted she always thought about about the idea of adopting a child from Asia. After Emily and her dad attended a fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services , Emily was more adamant than ever that the that the family should adopt. But Mary Beth still had roadblocks that needed to be removed before even thinking about adopting from China. First, she had read about the biological children restriction; she had read that China would not allow them to adopt. At the time of their initial interest, Bethany revealed that the restriction had been raised to allow more biological children. One roadblock removed. Mary Beth had also read that most children from China were 2-three years old, when she originally envisioned adopting a baby. Christian services actually reported that most babies were 8 to 10 months old. Check. One final question: What would they name the child if they were to adopt? Upon further discussion, she revealed how much she liked the Hannah. Then, her husband jokingly pointed out the similarities between Sarah and Abraham from the Bible and their family; both thinking they could not have more children in their old age. That brought up the idea of adding laughter somewhere in the name. The two soon forgot about it.

Later, Steven just happened to be reading a Reader Digest feature about a adoptive family trying to find a cure for their son, who had an unknown illness. His name  included the Mandarin word for laughter in it. It was as if God himself was shining down on them, listening to every concern they had and answered it in his own unique way. Soon after, they traveled to China, welcoming Hannah (with the Mandarin word for laughter as her middle name- my apologies. I tried to find it exactly on the Internet, but couldn't) Chapman into the family. not long after, they added one more to the family named Stevie Joy. It was then that they realized the financial burdens that adoption causes for families and created the nonprofit organization Show Hope, which provides assistance for those willing to adopt from China. 

With Emily starting high school,, things were changing around the Chapman household. It was one week before Easter while touring in China when Steven first met Maria. She had been left by the riverbed and was later diagnosed with a birth defect, which caused her to have a hole in her heart. Originally she was For by an Australian missionary couple; but after being called back to the states, they cannot adopt her because of poor relationships of the countries. And so she had been passed on to Tim and Amy Haddon. There was a instant connection between Steven and Maria; soon, he felt, and urging to adopt her as well. Only one obstacle- getting everyone else on board. After he returned from the tour, however, he found adoption papers already signed by Mary Beth; he only needed to sign them to get the process. The Chapman family was soon complete.

On February  20th 2008, Maria began showing interest in God and his "Big, big house," Audio Adrenaline's song had been taught as part of Maria's preschool curriculum and she wanted to learn more about it. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to witness, Mary Beth called her husband into help. They talked about his house and how he paid the ultimate sacrifice so that someday she could come to live with him; but for now he would come into her heart-if only she would ask him. From that point on, Maria prayed a simple prayer and laid her heart out for all to see. After Maria was finished, Stevie Joy decided if Maria was going there someday, she'd like to go to. They repeated the process and then headed off to preschool where the teachers continued the celebration. Little did they know how important that day would become in the near future.

On May 21, 2008, their lives changed forever when Maria raced outside to meet Will as he rounded the driveway in this car. Maria was struck head-on and airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center. After trying everything, she did not survive

The family each grieved in their own way- Will feeling responsible for his sister's death, Mary Beth retreating into a deep depression. Steven kept reminding himself how the Lord gives and takes away.Yours later, that grief motivated them to create Maria's Big House of Hope- a medical center for children with special needs in the middle of China.

*I apologize if any of these specific details are off in terms of a timeline; I tried my best to paraphrase the details that touched my heart in the book. I'll always have a heart for adoption and helping those with special needs- though I will probably never be able to adopt because of my circumstances. But I do encourage those who will are intrigued by my summary of the book to read it on their own. I would also encourage them to take a look at the links below and consider contributing to the nonprofit organizations.

For more information about Steven Curtis Chapman,Show Hope, Maria's Big House,go to:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Boy Called Po Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

Hey Guys~

Today I just happened upon a independent movie that explores the complex relationship between a boy with autism and his parent; it was called A Boy Called Po. Throughout this movie, the main character whose real name is Patrick struggles to find this place between the imaginary world. He creates in mind and the real world where he is coping with his mother's death and bullying at school. While his father struggles to branch the gap between him and his son, we are able to get a real-life glimpse of what is like to be  labeled as Autism.

For more information about this movie: please go to:


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

THE GOOD DOCTOR Official Trailer (HD) Freddie Highmore ABC Drama

Welcome Back Readers,

Along with the topic of CP being highlighted in ABC's  Speechless, the disability of autism has been added to ABC's lineup. The Good Doctor, which premiered on Monday, features a main character with high functioning autism, joining the ranks as part of the residency team at a local hospital. His job may be in jeopardy, though, because colleagues debate his competency to do with the drama and even appear for his interview-he is late, though, because he tries to save a child's life. The show premiered on Monday September 25 at 10 p.m.

For more information on this series, please go to:

Monday, September 11, 2017

Asperger's Are Us: Overcoming Stereotypes

Hey Guys,

I came across this comedy group documentary on Netflix. What's different about this group is that they have Asperger's syndrome. This syndrome is high on the autism spectrum, where they have difficulty communicating and maintaining meaningful relationships. This group consists of four friends including new Michael, Noah, Ethan, and Jack; they met at a camp for people with Asperger's and instantly bonded because of their love of comedy. From there, the dream of creating a comedy group was born. Albeit, some of it is difficult to understand and relate to, but these guys are living their dream despite their disability.

For more information, please go to:

Monday, August 28, 2017

Human by Christina Perri (cover by Carley Elle Allison)

Welcome Back Readers~

This YouTube video was done by Carley Allison. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her trachea; it was operated on and she underwent chemotherapy. Though the treatment was successful for a short time, she was later diagnosed with a rare and interoperable form of lung cancer called Clear Celll Sarcoma. She died at age 19.

Her courageous story is told in the theatrical movie called Kiss and Cry. While watching this movie on Netflix, I was inspired by her take on the Kiss and Cry booth as a skater. Being a skater herself (as well as a singer, she said the kiss and cry booth reminded her not of the importance of winning, but the importance of getting back up and trying again. That's like life, isn't it?

For more on this amazing story and what her family is doing to keep Carley's memory alive, please go to:

The Kiss and Cry movie:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Atypical | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Dear Readers,

Another Netflix series highlights the trials and tribulations of having a teenager with a disability; this time it features a storyline of someone with autism. With a all-star cast, this series tackles what people with this disability encounter on a daily basis- from taking things literally in conversations to hypersensitivity to noises. This  series also tackles the daily stress a disability has on the entire family  as well. After only watching three episodes, I am impressed at how it is unfolding, however, I will be disappointed if the series ends with only seven episodes.. There are so many complex conflicts to uncover..

For more information, please go to:

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Boy and His Dog- The Story of Haatchi and Owen

Welcome Back Everyone ~

I am always surprised how I come up with the articles for this blog, but then I reminded that God is in control of even the minute details. Take yesterday, for instance. I am eating at Red Robin and this story is on on the TV on ESPN. Granted, at first it caught my eye because the main protagonist of the story reminded me of Shane, a young man had dwarfism and the mainstream inclusion class that I was in. But that's a whole different story..

Anyway, I digress...

At first glance, this story seems like your typical assistance dog partnership. But it is so much more than that. You see, Owen was born with a rare syndrome, which causes his muscles to constantly be in a state of tension all the time. In London, only 10 other people have this disorder. Haatchi like his owner also has special needs; due to unfortunate circumstance, this Anatolian Shepherd was abandoned in Northern London by the railroad tracks at five months of age. During that time, he was hit by a train; that left no other choice but to have his leg and tail amputated

Due to Owen's syndrome, he often felt uncomfortable going out in his wheelchair. But that all changed when the dog came around.

For more information, please go to:

Monday, July 10, 2017

To Joey, With Love: Official Trailer

Dear Readers~

Let me start out by saying I'm not a big country fan, but I can't believe I missed out on this amazing love story between Joey Martin and Rory Feek. Yes, I heard about her death, but was completely unaware about the underlying story of their daughter Indiana, having down syndrome. This couple faced to battles and came out with a stronger faith than ever. Though Joey died, her story lives on in the lives of her husband and daughter. For more on this story, you can see the full documentary on Pureflix  or read his blog

His blog:

His Book:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hearing is Believing Theatrical Trailer (2:18) - Rachel Flowers Movie

Welcome Back Readers~
I happened to be watching Home and Family on Hallmark when I
heard about the inspiring story of Rachel Flowers. She is a multi-talented
instrumentalist and composer who is blind. Born on December 21, 1993, Rachel
was 15 weeks premature and lost her eyesight as an infant due to Retinopathy of
Prematurity (ROP). When she was two years old, her mother taught her how to
play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on their ancient piano in order to discourage
aimless banging; little did she know that was just shouldn’t ensure that the
beginning-from then on, Rachel was determined to play every song she heard. Rachel
soon began attending at the Southern Conservatory of music at the age of two, studying
with Richard Taesch, Grant Horrocks, and David Pinto. In her spare time, she
began experimenting with Braille music code and other adaptive music
her first album is out on iTunes, which features original material. She
composed herself
For more information about her story, please see one of the
following pages:

Rachel flower’s documentary, “Hearing is Believing”-

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Deaf Singer Gets Simon Cowell's GOLDEN BUZZER | Week 2 | America's Got T...

Welcome Back Readers~

Last night I was deeply touched by the story of Mandy Harvey on America's Got Talent. Studying to become a music teacher, Mandy developed a ear infection at age 18, which they later discovered was a connective tissue disorder. After learning that, she left school devastated that she would never say never again. Still,, the yearning to have her voice heard, lived on within her heart.. Now at age 29, she uses muscle memory and visual tuners to help her sing. "Music now isn't about the sound, it's about the feeling," she said. She continues, "It's not the dream that I always had, but tha okay because I showed up and I did something I never thought I could do." That reminded me of a quote from Soul Surfer, which is " The list of things have to relearn is extensive, but the things you won't be able to do are so small"

You go Mandy!
For more information on her story, go to

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

See What's In Store For the Roloffs This Season!

Welcome Back  Everyone~

Okay, so it  seems. I am a little late for this post,But the new season of Little People, Big World has already prepared on TLC. It aired on May 2, 2017 and it appears a lot of changes are in store, including the birth of Zach and Tori's new baby and Matt and Amy joining the dating pool shortly after their divorce. There is still time to catch up; I certainly will. The show is at 9 PM on Tuesdays on TLC.

For more information:

Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Take on The Shack- The Movie

Dear Readers,

I’m not sure how the topic of this post will be received because of its controversial topic. While the movie “The Shack” is not biblically based, I do see some striking similarities that may leave audiences more open to the idea of a relationship with Jesus-the one true
God. For those that are unfamiliar with the story, “The Shack” tells the story of a father unable to cope with the untimely death of his youngest daughter. I will spare you the gruesome details, but he is left feeling responsible. That is, until he receives an unlikely “invitation” from God himself to come back to where it happened in the hopes of getting him “unstuck.” Thus begins an amazing journey of spiritual transformation of love and forgiveness

Now I know what you are thinking. I wish I could have a conversation with Jesus in the flesh to discuss my spiritual journey and obstacles in my life. But he does send us people in our
lives to advise and guide our steps. In this world of difficulty, it’s just hard to see him in our midst. I think Octavia Spencer says it best when as she portrays "“Papa” (one of the three parts of God) and says, “"Son,when all you see is your pain, you lose sight of me." Although the idea of God in three persons is biblically based, the way it’s portrayed is not exactly
true. Yes, Jesus is God in the flesh. He suffered on our behalf, but it is not exactly clear what God looks like.

In another conversation with Jesus, Mack is still struggling to let go of his guilt over what happened and come to grips with the gift that he’s been given-the opportunity to talk over his grievances and believe again. In this scene, he is in a boat in the middle of the lake and it begins to turn black overtaking the boat and it begins to sink.This kind of reminds me of Matthew 14: 29-32, when Jesus beckons Peter to join him on the water and when he does, he can’t help but look down in doubt. In pretty much the same way during the “Shack” scene, Mack looks down and is overcome with fear , “Jesus” urges them to not look down, saying, "Don't look at it, Mack. Look here.. Don't think about the past, don't think about the pain..Look at me. Everything is going to be okay. Trust me, none of this can hurt
you. Just look at me and breath."

When things finally come down and the  black lake disappears, Jesus urges Mack to continue with them, and walk on the water, but he is still unsure. He replies, “But I can’t. I will sink.” Jesus answers him, saying,  "Not on your own. You can't... You're imagining a future without me and that future doesn't exist. I promised to be with you always right? And I'm right here." 

But then that leaves the inevitable question, “Doesn’t God have the Ultimate Say?” To answer that question, Mack must come face to face with his idea of judgment as a woman  named "wisdom forces  him to reevaluate  how he views  certain people.  His  views are challenged  when he is forced to choose which of his   children  are  to go to Heaven  and which to Hell.  Obviously he can't  make a choice and chooses to  take their place. It is only then,, when there bodies  fade away. "McKenzie, you've judged your children worthy of love- even if it cost you everything. Now you know Papa's heart."  She continues  explaining that while  God  gives  us free will  to be  part  of his family and make our own choices  that leaves  room  for evil  to find its way  in. " He doesn't stop a lot of things that cause him pain. What happened to Missy was the work of evil. And no one in your world is immune to it. You want the promise of a pain free  life. She continues, saying, "... As long as there's will in
this universe- free not to follow God, evil can find a way in."

These are just some of the highlights of my favorite parts  of "The Shack" I would be more than happy to start  an  open discussion on  what you guys thought of the movie.  In some strange  way, I feel closer to God after watching  it. It is my hope  that  this movie  can start an open dialogue  about  faith  to your  friends and family..

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Until Forever - Teaser Trailer HD

Welcome back Readers ~

This morning I watched Until Forever on Pureflx; this movie was based on the real-life journey of 16-year-old Michael Boyum's journey coping with leukemia. Despite their youth, Michael and Michele were determined to cherish each other and live each day as if it was their last. Michael's faith was quite evident even during the last days. In that he visited other cancer patients sharing his reason for hope with others .

This movie inspired me to do the same-even though at times I feel my words don't have the effect they should.

For more information:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Born This Way Season Three Premiere

Welcome Back Readers-

I am happy to report that Born This Way is back for its third season on A&E. After two seasons, the series has been begun to change peoples' views on those with disabilities; this is evident by the show receiving a Emmy  for Best Unstructured Reality series, ending the two-year streak of The Deadliest Catch. This season holds changes for the whole gang- including a budding romance for Stephen and Megan, a independent living opportunity for Christina. How will the parents cope? I don't know, but I can tell you from personal experience that learning to let go of your children and see them fly and come into their own can be the most difficult thing.   The series airs on  Tuesdays at 10 PM.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Birthday Adventures in Disney World, Part Three

Dear Readers,

Over the past few days, I have reminisced about my experiences at Disney World- both when I was younger and now. When my dad heard about this, he was able to dig out a picture of our first visit in February 1998. What a difference right? Unfortunately, my brother wasn't able to come with us that time.  But my mom says  there's always the possibility of us coming back  and sharing the whole experience with my nieces.. Although they have already  been there once it's always different  together as a family. Even  as I say that, I can't believe we would be  sharing it with  the next generation.  Wow, how time  flies!
Debbie  and  family at Epcot- February 1988

Debbie  and Family- April 2017
Our  last day  at Disney World  was spent at Epcot (obviously); we got a late  start  that day  because it was due  to the hottest day..  The report was spot on! As we began our journey through the different countries,, I was taken back  by  enormous flower gardens and sculptures;  the creativity it took to shape some of those plans into Disney characters (like Elisa from Frozen or  Belle from  Beauty and the Beast) is brilliant. In  all, there are about 100 topiaries  to admire  around Epcot. For  our first ride, we decided  to go to on Spaceship Earth. For  this ride, I  had to transfer out of my wheelchair-  but it was worth it. This ride  takes you  back in time from the Stone Age, showing the evolution of  man.  (I'm using the term   "evolution"to  mean  the growth  in  man's intelligence; I do not believe  in the  theology of  evolution.)  What  I liked  most about the  ride was  the fact that it  was interactive; it allowed  riders in each  seat to "choose" what their  future looked like based  on answering a few questions   posed  to them along the way.The pics captured at the beginning of the right are then placed in a video used to portray the future. This is something that riders can take with them if they supply their email in the database on computers near the ride.Another interesting fact is that  the ride takes  place  "inside" the Epcot ball.

Next,  we attended The  Voyage of the  Little Mermaid  show.  This 15 minute performance includes live puppetry with performances of popular  songs from Sebastian the  crab as well  as Ariel.  During the show,  I felt  like  I was  truly  "under the Sea" because bubbles cascaded from the ceiling at one point.

What's a trip to Disney World without saying Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse? It's not a trip, of course! For the reason, I actually took some time to wait in line and meet the popular characters as well as get my picture taken with them. For those that say I'm too old for that, well, you are only as old as you feel. Here  is two of  my favorites.

After that, we continued  our trek around the  "world"stopping by Germany to look at the intricate Cuckoo clocks and then  went to France to sample  the delicious crepes (thin pancakes)  that reminded  us of   Grandma (mom's mom).  In one building, they  even had a widescreen movie that gave us a tour of the country; we soared about  the vineyards that created wine and went  through famous churches. This gave us a in-depth  view of the country without having to  actually go there. One of the final things we did there was go to see The  America Adventure  at The World Showcase. This 30 minute performance utilizes audio- animatronics and film to go back in time and view the major events that  made America the great country it is today.

Monday, May 8, 2017

My Birthday Adventures at Disney World, Part Two

Hello Again Everyone~

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my adventures in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. In this post I will share with you what I did during my second day on vacation at Hollywood studios. For this adventure, we had to take a bus; the buses must run back and forth every 15 to 30 minutes because we had to wait 10 minutes for ours. During that time I encountered a disabled intern working there in charge of the bus routes. I later learned that there was a special internship opportunities for college students wanting to work there during the summers..

But I digress...

A bus arrived to take us to a Hollywood Studios; this particular bus had a hydraulic system which lowered it to the ground for easier access. Then, a lift opened up and I got in with no trouble. At that point, they secured my wheelchair down with straps and we were on our way. Shortly  after  arriving my family and got a bite to eat. We then  decided to  attend the Beauty  And the Beast: Live On Stage  show. This 25 minute musical extravaganza highlights popular songs  from the original movie.  What makes this so different than the movie? First,the  host selects  a member  from  each audience  to give  a special rose to- it  symbolizes    the special  bond, a father  has with his daughter.  Second, specific  shows  have real-time  American  Sign Language (provided by translators) for those  that are deaf and hard of hearing.

After that we spent some time walking around the streets, sightseeing (and shopping) before going on The Great Movie Ride. This attraction  is accessible to those in wheelchairs as well as those  able to transfer in and  out by themselves or with the help of  other people. The ride insists of  real-time clips of the  greatest moments in movie history, as well as reenactments that put you right in the middle of the action. From there, we  toured  the Walt Disney: One Man's Dream  "museum". It follows him through the  monumental years  of his career and  gives people a in-depth  glimpse on what it takes to create an animated film.

Another live show that I enjoyed was the  Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. This exciting show gives viewers a behind the scenes  look  at how stunts are filmed in the movies

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Birthday Adventures in Disney World Part 1

Welcome Back Readers~

After 30 years, I can finally say I’ve been to Walt Disney World twice in my lifetime. The first time when I was seven years old or so and my parents wanted to show their children a good time. This time, I am 37 years old and trying to rediscover some of that magic and childlike awe we tend to lose in the process of growing up, I can honestly say I’ve done that. In this post, I will highlight some of my favorite activities to do in the Magic Kingdom that are handicapped accessible for those in wheelchairs.

 My mom made reservations or three days at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, which incidentally was the same hotel we stayed at originally. The resort still had its Hawaiian style decor; however, it has seen its share of technological advances- like electronic bracelets that allow you access to the hotel as well as the theme parks. These bands are only available as part of a theme park package. Employees at the resort always seem to go above and beyond to make your stay extremely pleasant. For instance, once they heard it was my 37th birthday trip they gave me a "happy birthday" button. I wore it for next two days,  getting several well wishes  and even a few extra perks here and there.

After settling in and getting a good night’s rest, we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom first. Since  we  were at the resort, it is much easier to take the monorail or bus  to  all  of the amusement. Getting  on the monorail is simple,  security personnel have little ramps which line up with the  vehicle and allow you  to drive your wheelchair inside. For a bus, the procedure is slightly different because they have lifts and tie-downs  to secure the wheelchair in place. At any rate, we arrived at the Magic Kingdom just in time for us to see the Disney characters dance by the castle. "Inviting" us  to enjoy the rest of our day.After that, my parents and I visited the Swiss  Family Robinson attraction where they reminded me of the first time we had visited when my dad carried  me to the very top of the treehouse. From there, we went  on the  Jungle Cruise ride.

If you are looking for a handicapped accessible boat, you may have to ask for assistance. In which case, they may give you a specific time slot where the boat is available. We had to wait until 1-1:30 PM; the boat had a special ramp that lowered me down and then rotated my wheelchair, so I was looking straight forward and could see either side of the water Along the way, my tour guide pointed out different animals; although these were animated, they gave a realistic portrayal of what people would have encountered in the Amazon. There were also waterfalls that kept people cool during the ride.   At 3 o’clock, we stopped on Main Street and waited for the Festival of Fantasy to begin. This parade highlights all of the characters from Disney movies, including Beauty and the Beast and of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lauren Scruggs (Kennedy) on Home and Family: Reflecting Back on The Accident That Changed Her Life Forever

Dear Readers,
This next story came to my attention because it was featured on Home and Family. Unlike most stories, I am usually aware of the person being interviewed and their disability related experience; this time I was not. It highlighted Lauren Scruggs (now Lauren Scruggs - Kennedy) and the four-year anniversary of the propeller accident that changed her life forever. Although she recovered after lots of rehab, the accident left her with both physical and emotional scores- including the loss of her left arm and eye. These days Lauren is looking forward to the future and her new marriage; she is also using her experience to create awareness for those who are financially unable to provide real life like prosthetics for their loved ones.

For more information, please go to:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Encouragement Sidewalk Prophets- Help Me Find It (Official Lyric Video)

I was listening to the radio recently and came across Sidewalk Prophet's 2013 hit, "Help Me Find it." The song speaks to my season of life right now.. We sometimes struggle to find God in the ordinary tasks of our daily life: but He is always near!

Sidewalk Prophet's "Help  Me  Find  It"  Lyrics

I don't know where to go from here 
It all used to seem so clear 
I'm finding I can't do this on my own 

I don't know where to go from here 
As long as I know that You are near 
I'm done fighting 
I'm finally letting go 

I will trust in You 
You've never failed before 
I will trust in You 

(Chorus )
If there's a road I should walk 
Help me find it 
If I need to be still 
Give me peace for the moment 
Whatever Your will 
Whatever Your will 
Can You help me find it 

Can You help me find it 

I'm giving You fear and You give faith 
I giving You doubt
You give me grace 
For every step I've never been alone 

Even when it hurts, You'll have Your way 
Even in the valley I will say 
With every breath 
You've never let me go 

I will wait for You 
You've never failed before 
I will wait for You 


I lift my empty hands (come fill me up again) 
Have Your way my King (I give my all to You) 
I lift my eyes again (Was blind but now I see) 
‘Cause You are all I need 


Thursday, March 16, 2017

CP Awareness Month;Zach Anner follow-up

Welcome Back Readers~

Because it is CP Awareness month, I thought I'd highlight one of the most popular comedians with CP on YouTube, Zach Anner. Some of you may remember me highlighting him from Oprah Winfrey's Create Your Own Show on OWN. He completed against other contestants in an effort to pitch his own traveling show. In the end, Oprah couldn't choose between the top two finalists-Zach and his traveling show as well as Kristina Kuzmic-Crocco's cooking show (if I remember correctly.) He recently added the title of author to his resume, penned his own memoir entitled If at Birth You Don't Succeed: My Adventures with Disaster and Destiny. Unlike the inspirational approach, Anner chooses to make light of his disability never letting it stop him.

Also, this month, the CPF is having a fundraiser in order to raise money for their organization. It starts on March 25 and involves downloading a app on your phone and exercising.

For more information  on raising awareness of CP, please go to:

For more  information  on Zach Anner or his book, please go to:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Assistancee Dog Issue goes straight to Supreme Court

Welcome Back Readers~

I was watching the news last week and came across a interesting story; it involved a young girl with CP w(cerebral palsy) and her struggle to gain independence in school the help of her assistance dog Wonder. In 2009, Ehlena Fry and her goldendoodle Wonder were first paired together during training in Ohio; this opportunity made possible through a $13,000 fundraiser held by family and friends. The trouble began when they tried to transition Wonder to assist her during school hours .at first, the school agreed to a 30 day trial.This didn't work out as planned, however , and was marked with one obstacle after another. Eventually, the Fry family decided to change middle school.

Still, they believe the other school needs to be held accountable according to the Americans with Disabilities Act .

For more information on this story, please go to: 


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Looking Back at the Last Four Years of Independence...

Dear Readers,

 It is with mixed emotions that I finally come to terms with moving out of my apartment next week.. That's right folks! After about four years of living independently, I will be moving back in with my parents until they figure out where they plan on retiring. It is  not a  decision  I  (or should  I say we) came to easily, but the  financial  burden was  getting to  a bit  much. For  those living in Virginia, you  understand exactly where I am coming from.

Still, living  independently is something that I would encourage  everyone  with a disability to  embark upon.  Not only does it  teach people what they are  truly capable of, but give parents the benefit of knowing what it feels like to  let go  without the  fear of ultimate failure. In other words, they are still around to teach   them when necessary while  giving  their children the freedom to make mistakes...

Let's take a look back at my journey. When we first moved to Virginia in 2008, I found it difficult to make friends. My family and I spent several months settling in and trying to find a church we felt comfortable with. After looking at several prospects, we finally decided on a church whose main goal was teaching straight from the Bible, verse by verse. It was there that I met Sadie and we developed a friendship. Beginning December 4, 2011, we discussed our dreams of living independently and toyed with the idea of becoming roommates. Like myself, Sadie was determined to spread her wings and fly! Looking back, I  feel as if this was God's plan, giving us the opportunity to prove our capabilities to our parents. My parents weren't exactly comfortable with the idea of me living by myself, so this was a logical compromise. That  way, they knew someone would be there in in the evenings (as well as at night) in case of emergencies.

In January 2012, we finally signed a one-year lease for a two bedroom apartment;its location was close enough to my parents that they could come help when needed. Little by  little we begin to make that apartment our home, adding sparks of color (and accent walls!) Along the way I learned important lessons about cooperation and compromise.  At first, I spent a majority of my time working on this  blog; never giving up hope that I would find a job. Occasionally, we would have friends from church over for movie nights and to celebrate birthday parties. We both thrived until unforeseen difficulties caused my roommate to have to move out. This left me reeling, wondering how all of this fell into God's plan. But you know what they say- When God closes a door, he opens a window. It was  around that time (or earlier)  that I was hired to write blogs on website accessibility. My parents were still unsure about my ability to live on my own but figured since I was financially stable, I should at least finish the lease.

I continued to work for the remainder of the lease, but  felt the apartment  was a little too big for  one person. For a while, I  wasn't sure whether a one bedroom apartment would open up and I have to move back in one my parents; sometime during Christmas break I was notified that one had  became available- an early Christmas present. So on February 19, 2013, I began  transferring my  belongings from one apartment to the next with the help of some friends from church. Although I had lived independently before, it was an exhilarating feeling knowing I was completely on my own. I was responsible for paying the bills as well as making the place my very own. In other words, I was now a part of the typical workforce, getting up early in order to telework several  hours a day.. In the process, I dealt  with my share of personal assistant problems; this reiterated the value of advocacy on a daily basis and making sure my voice is heard.

All in all it has been amazing five years; during which I've gained the self-confidence of knowing what I am truly capable of. It's been a roller coaster of emotions but that's just a part of life;as my college pastor used to say, "Exp|ct the unexpected." While moving back sometimes feels like a step backwards for me, I have to believe God has something bigger in store for my future- and this was just a glimpse into what is humanly possible..I haven't given up  hope that I will settle down permanently- with a full-time job and a place of my own (maybe even  a boyfriend!) It just isn't my time yet..

Until then, I will have fond memories to look  back on and am forever  grateful for the experience. I just need to to where my primary focus should be- trusting God  to provide for the future like he always has. Maybe this time back home will rejuvenate my faith..

( This will be my last post from the apartment; all other posts will be from my parent's place! Internet will be disconnected sometime tomorrow.. Chuckle)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm Not Ashamed: Official Movie Trailer (2016)

Welcome Back Everyone~
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to watch "I'm Not Ashamed." This movie chronicled the life of Rachel Scott. Most people remember her for her faithful declaration of Jesus on April 20, 1999 during the Columbine High School massacre; what they don’t realize is the journey it took to get there. On the outside, she was a typical teenager who struggled to be a part of the “in” crowd at school while dealing with feelings of insecurity. Her parents felt they had no other choice but to send Rachel to her aunt’s for the summer; during which time, she had a spiritual breakthrough.
Back at home, Rachel feels conflicted. She tries to stay connected to her old friends while staying true to her newfound faith- it doesn’t work.
Still, the movie came to mind during a recent sermon from church. It centered on our eternal inheritance; In Luke 10:25, an expert tries to trip up Jesus by questioning his teachings. He asked, “…What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Instead of answering him out right, he turns the question back at him saying, ‘What is written in the Law?”’ he replied. ‘How do you read it?’ In other words, Jesus wonders about the expert’s interpretation and understanding of the Law. At first, he answers almost verbatim to that of the first commandment (as written in Mark 12: 12); In verse 27, the lawyer answers, “… Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”   The conversation continues with Jesus replying as follows, “You have answered correctly… Do this and you will live.”
The expert attempts to justify himself by inquiring further as to who exactly is his neighbor. This is where the parable of The Good Samaritan comes into play. What's  my point in using this as an example? Loving others isn’t always easy; many times we find ourselves outside our comfort zones. For Rachel, this meant putting her faith on  display several times on and before that fateful day in April. One instance  of love iin  action  is one she befriends Nathan,  a  homeless teenager  on  the streets and invites  him to  youth group.  Not  only  does  he  get a place  to stay,, but realizes  the importance of having only faith.
The next  sermon  focused on the  two  distinct perspectives Christians can  have  towards their  relationship  with Jesus-doing things  for Him versus Getting To Know Him  Intimately.  While  God appreciates  our showing  love towards  the community, he puts  greater value  on  our  personal relationship with  Him.  Why? For starters, it  gives  new meaning to our actions; we  understand and begin to see  things from God's perspective  rather than  our own. Don't get me wrong,  God values what  we do as long as it  is for the right reasons.  Take a look  at God's response  for supporting  evidence in Luke 10:41- 42
In short, I would highly recommend renting I'm Not Ashamed.  Although  the content is highly  thematic and suspenseful  (because of its Subject matter  and  PG rating). It is very inspirational and moving.
I have  included  the theatrical trailer below as  well as the  lyrics to Plumb''s Need You  Now (How  Many  Times)

Need  You Now (How Many Times)
by Plumb

Well, everybody's got a story to tell
And everybody's got a wound to be healed
I want to believe there's beauty here
'Cause oh, I get so tired of holding on
I can't let go, I can't move on
I want to believe there's meaning here

How many times have you heard me cry out
"God please take this?"
How many times have you given me strength to
Just keep breathing?
Oh I need you
God, I need you now

Standing on a road I didn't plan
Wondering how I got to where I am
I'm trying to hear that still small voice
I'm trying to hear above the noise

How many times have you heard me cry out
"God please take this?"
How many times have you given me strength to
Just keep breathing?
Oh I need you
God, I need you now

Though I walk,
Though I Walk through the shadows
And I, I am so afraid
Please stay, Please stay right beside me
With every single step I take

How many times have you heard me cry out?
And how many times have you given me strength?

How many times have you heard me cry out
"God please take this?"
How many times have you given me strength to
Just keep breathing?
Oh I need you
God, I need you now.

I need you now
Oh I need you
God, I need you now.
I need you now
I need you now

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