Monday, February 28, 2011

Your Own Show: Week Six Recap

Welcome Back~
I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. For my regular followers, I know I haven't been writing much lately. I'm sorry. It's not that I don't have anything to say, it's just that I don't know how to say it or whether I should say it at all. Being a blogger, you're always reminded, "Be careful what you write because once it's out there and published, you can't take it back" or "Don't get to personal" . For me, it's more personal than that though. I want to be authentic with you-a no holds bar type of reader/writer relationship where I can be completely honest in regard to the struggles I encounter on a daily basis in the areas of my faith, disability or independence.

Long story short, I don't want to be fake and want to a positive twist on the information on my blog. But it's not always easy be to do that, so sometimes it's easier to keep to myself and reflect. Anyway, that's what I've been doing lately to try and get myself out of this "disconnected" slump. I spent a number of my days reading Karen Kingsbury's last book of the Above the Line Series, Take Four. Most days, I was able to either find myself in the words of a character or a simple reminder of God and His Existence.

I'm still struggling in certain areas of my life, but that doesn't mean I should stop writing. After all, I'm way behind on certain subjects such as Zach on Your Own Show etc.

That being said, drumroll please..

When we last left our teams, Elizabeth was sent home as a result of not being able to bring it. That left Team VISION to fend for themselves with only two contestants Kristina and Terey while Team FOCUS had three remaining contestants including Zach, Alicia and Ryan. At first glance, it seems like an easy week is ahead when the group realizes that that guest star is none other than financial analyst, Suzie Orman. Not so. As the two teams struggle to find the balance between financial advice and inspirational segment, they are caught in a crossroads. How did they make their dreams of their special guests in this segment, come true without sacrificing the reality of financial constraint among one's means?

In the end, both teams do great in fulfilling the dreams of their guests-thanks to a little help from Oprah. But both Alicia and Ryan are eliminated due to their lack of commitment to the story and time management.

That leaves Zach, Kristina, and Terey still in the running for their own show. In the next post, which I will probably write tomorrow, the three attend a press junket. Now, I know you find out the winner if you really want to, but please stick with me. I will be back. You can see the full episode here:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Encouragement: What Would You Do-Wheelchair Discrimination

So this week What Would You Do producers switched things up a little by allowing viewers take the wheel and submitting their own scenarios based on personal experiences. The end result was a jampacked episode fall of issues I'd never thought of, including being discriminated against because of your hair color. One segment tugged at my heart, though. It highlights the ongoing struggle of the disabled community to be looked at as independent people just trying to live as productive citizens in today's society. The idea was submitted by Christina who was born with with spina bifida; her winning entry consisted of a wheelchair-bound person and a overly protective fellow customer.

The goal: to not only shed light on the sometimes condescending treatment (yet well-meaning) of the disabled.. It also struggles to answer the age-old question: To Help or Not to Help?

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Reflections: Disconnected

Hello everyone~

Let me begin this post by being completely honest. I haven't been around updating my blog on purpose. It's hard enough putting into words what's been going on in my life lately and to put it on paper it's even harder. I'm just feeling really disconnected in every aspect of my life right now. That's why my post have been somewhat factual and lacking its usual passion. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I'm still around. I'm praying that I will be "real" and in touch with myself again soon, so I don't feel like this forever.
For now, I believe this song accurately portrays what I'm going through.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Own Show Episode 5 Recap


As previously reported, Elizabeth was eliminated on episode five of Your Own Show-not without some drama though. In last week's episode, guest star Daisy Fuentes helped the teams create a commercial for Kohl's as well as featuring her clothing line . Fresh off of Tony's exit, team Focus struggled to find their groove. Ryan not only lacked his usual comedic confidence and ease. That became even more apparent when he resisted being Executive Producer of the commercial. Of course, no one could blame him; it is after all a woman's clothing line they were selling. Even still, they pulled it together thanks to a very insightful on air interview with Zach helping them to win the challenge.

On the other hand, things got even more difficult for team Vision. After an ongoing disagreement about not standing up for herself on the last show, Terey had enough. She insisted on being the on-air talent for the commercial portion while Kristina ended up with the role of Executive Producer. That left Elizabeth to do the reporting. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. In my opinion, Elizabeth wasn't prepared and left Kristina with the difficult task of trying to pick up the slack.

You can view the episode online here:

Next Week, financial guru Suzy Orman puts the groups through their paces!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kyle West story

Hey Guys,

I came across this webpage thanks to my father. It features the inspiring story of young Kyle West (well not so young anymore). He not only lives with CP, but dared to voice the question on his heart: "What would God do with a boy with cerebral palsy? There are billions of other kids out there, why would he want to use me?" Now in college, West recognized how God used that conversation with Dobson to change not only his life but audiences around the world.
Please take a look:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Karen Kingsbury's "like Dandelion Dust" Movie Review

Hey Guys~

So as many of you know, I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan!! Not only because of her ability to write Christian novels with such ease, but because she lives out her faith .. In the public eye and out. As I have stated in previous posts, she has the uncanny ability to write the reality of daily life with unabashed honesty;The kind that grips readers and pulls them into the story, allowing them to take center stage. Her novels are real and relatable, touching readers where it counts the most-their hearts! Through her words, the love of the Lord has been shared changing lives.

In fact, a recent motion picture was based one of Karen Kingsbury's books.The novel, which is entitled "Like Dandelion Dust"chronicles the lives of two families-the Porter's and the Campbell's. The Porter's who are riddled with regret over past mistakes seek to redeem themselves, when they decide to get their son back.(While the storyline details are important, I have decided to keep it short because they are kind of complex. Basically, the child was adopted because the mother was unable to care for their child and the father was in jail.
In a twisted turn of events, the child was adopted illegally since the father's signature turns out to be forged. As a result, Joey is caught in the crossfire. In the end, the decision is made to return the boy with a transition of three visits. The Campbell's are devastated, seeking every opportunity to keep the boy).

The movie was gripping, by all accounts. But I can't help but think that Karen Kingsbury's magic got lost. I haven't read the book, mind you. But it just missed that spark true of all of her novels.

Just my opinion.

Rent the movie for yourself and tell me what you think..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Your OWN Show: Week Five-"Doin' it with Style"

-Welcome Back Everyone~

As previously stated, this post will be a sneak peak of Your OWN Show because of inability to receive the program on my cable lineup. By the end of the week, I should have a more in-depth review episode. But for now, here is what I was able to surmise. First of, guest star
Daisy Fendiaz (sp?) joins gang to teach them the ins and outs of creating and editing a commercial. The focus: fashion.

For Team Vision's commercial, comedian and contested Terrey pretends to have a fashion emergency; on the other hand, Team Focus's commercial features a woman looking through a magazine and daydreaming about the fashion show she could have with the clothes.

Stay tuned for more later on in the week..

Friday, February 4, 2011

Your OWN show: recap

So as predicted, Zach survived week 4 on your OWN show. But that wasn't the most surprising turn of events-Dr. Roach actually left the program after a disagreement with another contestant. Why? Because he was upset about being called out for his uncomfortable demeanor on the camera. When the other contestant apologizes in a private letter, Dr. Roach insists that it be read aloud. To view the episode, follow the following link:
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