Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Healed By Grace" film trailer

Welcome Back Readers~

This weekend I had the opportunity to watch. Healed. By Grace- the unique story of a young woman's struggle to become a dancer. But when the unexpected happens, Riley is faced a difficult choice. Should she dwell over the past or focus on the future and the plans God. God has for her life? This movie shows how Christians need to be keenly aware of how they interact with family, friends or people in the world in general. We are Gods, ambassadors, after all!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Encouragement:Disability Awareness is the focus of one college this week.

Welcome Back Readers~

I found this link while looking through my email this weekend; it reminded me of how my college did their best to educate its students on how to accommodate people with disabilities. Not only did they do a walk through of the campus to increase its accessibility, but they allowed me to speak on several occasions to the Diversity Council on campus as well as a group of special education students studying to become teachers....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ever wanted to be a superhero as a kid? For one boy, his dream comes true with a little help from some friends...

Dearest Readers~

I came across this story a few weeks ago, but it didn't come to light until a few days ago. As many of you know, the Make-A-Wish foundation is known for making kids with terminal illnesses dreams come true.. But for one little boy dream, they needed a little help. You see, all of his life Miles has been battling leukemia like his favorite superhero Batman. So it seems fitting that he would want to be a superhero in real life. As part of the effort, thousands of people in San Francisco took part in scenarios where he got to rescue people in distress and battle the "Riddler"

It's not very often that we see goodwill in action, but when we do, it's amazing to see!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jeremy Camp's "Overcome"

Dear Readers~

 As the weekend draws to a close, I am reminded that my security rests in the hands of the Lord. As Christians, our faith and eternal value rests in Jesus and His act on the cross. While we may struggle on our day to day walk, we are positionally "covered" by God's Grace. He who was sinless died in our place.. 

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