Friday, December 16, 2016

Encouragement:Superheroes really do exist.. Make-A-Wish has done it again, granting a five-year-old's wish to become a superhero and save the day

Welcome Back Readers~

Many of you may remember the inspirational story of Batkid; Miles Scott's wish to become a superhero after finishing his last chemotherapy in the hopes of curing his leukemia in 2013. To accomplish this task, the Make-A-Wish foundation enlisted the help of the entire city of San Francisco. Well, Make-A-Wish has done it again. This time granting the wish of five-year-old Kaheem who is also diagnosed with leukemia to become a superhero. Kaheem (a.k.a. Super Kaheem) lives in Maryland, but was given many tasks in order to save DC today, including freeing the DC mascots, so they were able to attend  tonight's game.

For more on this inspirational story, please go to:

Please consider giving to the Make-A-Wish foundation at:

Monday, December 12, 2016

An Old Christmas Favorite, "Help is on The Way" (from The Preacher's Wife)

Welcome Back Readers~

I can't remember if I ever posted this music video from Witney Houston or not. At any rate, it's a classic..In the film "The Preacher's Wife", she plays the wife of a discouraged preacher whose church is on the verge of closure. It is then that he makes a desperate plea for help and Dudley appears.This song is a subtle reminder that  God  is always working in the background- whether or not we see him. May this song serve as  an encouragement  as we enter this  season  of hope.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Abilities Expo Experience

Welcome Back Readers~

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the 2016 Abilities Expo. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this event, it highlights different technologies and resources meant to enhance and/or increase independence in the lives of people with disabilities.For instance, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to "run"? I certainly have..  Well, with the help of Ainsley's Angels, I have the opportunity to take part in marathon in which I wouldn't otherwise be able to. You see, the organization has volunteers in  Virginia as well as other parts of the country who will act as the feet of  those are unable to walk; therefore giving them an experience they will always remember- the ability to run with the breeze in your hair and the vibration of the ground beneath your feet.

For more information on this organization, please go to:

Looking forward to "running" sometime soon

Friday, December 2, 2016

Reflections for the upcoming season; Debbie's update

Merry Christmas.

Even as I dictate this, I can't believe it's that time of year already. For those of you that have followed this blog over the year, you probably understand what I mean..  Since losing my job almost 2 years ago, posts on this blog have been pretty sparse. Partly because I've been spending my time mailing out resumes  to appropriate contacts as well as dealing with  Social Security in  the interim. That's a whole  other story within itself. But I digress

The fact is I haven't been quite myself since.  True, the job help me out financially but even more than that it gave me a reason every morning-  a new sense of purpose. You see, I've always felt a calling when it comes to advocating for the disabled; I just wasn't quite sure how that criteria will fit into the job description;  that is until I started writing blogs on web accessibility- things sort of fell into place after that. I loved my job, people  appreciated me. More than that, having  financial independence gave me a new sense of freedom; I was able to support myself and continue living the apartment.  In hindsight, this began a negative pattern of self-reliance. I almost  forgot who had provided the job in the first place and how to be grateful in the first place

Hence, I can't help feeling that's why I am where I am right now. Not as a punishment, mind you but allowing me the time to get my bearings and learn a deeper dependence on God then ever before. Still, that doesn't mean I am not disappointed that I have to move back in with my parents in February. I will certainly miss my place.

I've heard it said that Christmas comes when we need it the most. That's certainly true this  Christmas. I need  God to renew to me the joy of my salvation.

With that, I leave this  question to you my readers: What present would you give your heart this Christmas?

Mine would be a new sense of faith and hope for the future
(Yes I know the verse Jeremiah 29:11- that God already provided for that but it's another thing to fully leave on that promise day in and day out, I'm only human!)

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