Monday, May 21, 2012

Keep Running...

Grief is a funny thing, isn't it?
One day you may think you have it under control; the next you're struggling to find your bearings...

I experienced a little of that this Sunday as our church explored Hebrews 12:1-3 in conjunction with our study of 1 Timothy.In this passage, we are encouraged to continue the race set before us and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus-a tradition passed on throughout the generations from grandmothers to mothers and so on.In fact, it even goes as far as to say "they are cloud of witnesses" watching to see how we endure the trials of this life. Depending on how you take this, it can be an encouragement or ove overwhelming weight to carry.

Which brings to the pictures of my grandparents above. In the first picture is my grandmother (on my mom's side) holding one of her grandchildren. The second is that my dad's parents. Each of them were amazing example of faith in action, despite having to deal with severe and unexpected illnesses and blindness.
I sometimes wonder, though, whether I have held up to their legacy. I guess I won't know until I see them again!

Friday, May 18, 2012

How are you feeling today?? Focused on your disability?? Holly's Heart will make you think twice!!

Welcome Back Readers~

I'm sorry I haven't been around lately..   We have a lot going on around our house, including going to Baltimore to get the new van-so I can finally get around-and having guests visit. Anyway, I'm not really making excuses for not writing: however I have been doing a lot of thinking and writing that here would have been counterproductive....

Let's just say it's a constant struggle trying to keep everything together and running smoothly. From roommate issues to agency difficulties, something is always there reminding me I have a disability..

So, on this Friday, I just happened across this video! What do you think about Holly's point? If we have God in our lives, should we or should we not struggle with identity issues? That's what's on my mind today!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saying goodbye to "Old Betsy"

Our family said goodbye to the van - which we lovingly referred to as " Old Betsy" - this week. To make a long story short, it was totaled after my dad and I were involved in a car accident a few weeks ago. We are both fine, only suffering minor bruises.
Where does that leave us then? You guessed it- searching for a new van! If you are a disabled reader, you probably know what a difficult process that can be; not only do you have to look for a vehicle that fits the measurements of your wheelchair ( which is not an easy task, considering in Virginia it is preferred that you point straight forward ) but you have to figure out transportation in the meantime.I guess I'm lucky in that I have a wheelchair at both my apartment and my parent 's, so when I come to visit it's not that difficult. But still. One can't help but feel guilty that they have to carry me to the car whenever I want to go anywhere .
The latest bit of news is that paperwork needs to be signed on the new vehicle we
found; it will take 2 to 3 days for the vehicle to be driven down from Pittsburgh. Then, it's another full day in the shop getting the lock down installed
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