Monday, January 31, 2011

My Reflections: How Much Faith Is Enough

Hey Guys~

Watching the movie Joshua always the same affect on me; thrilling me and making me cry at the same time. Why? Because I believe one day my Lord will come again and take me home to be with Him. Not only that but I will be no longer limited by my disability. As entertainment worthy as the movie is, it always leaves me wondering.. How much faith is enough?

Don't get me wrong, struggling is a part of life; it builds character and a deeper sense of what's really important in life. But it also has the ability to make you question who you are and what you believe. That's always the case when I view the scene of the woman at the revival.

Basically in the tent sits two women along with a crowd of witnesses. The so-called faith healer says: "Who wants to be healed today?" The woman in the front row answers saying "I do"; unbeknownst to the audience she is not really unable to walk but instead is working with him to get money. On the sidelines, a blind woman just sits back and "watches" the situation unfold until Joshua walks in.

He sees the injustice being done and desires to set things right in God's name. Not only so that the healer would recognize his wrongdoing and come to Him instead, but also so the young blind woman with the "true faith" would be rewarded.

"I know what's in your heart," Joshua says and with that she is healed. (I have included the YouTube clip here because it is a very powerful scene in itself and I don't think I did it justice. I was unable to embed it because it was not allowed by the user of the clip. )

Now, I'm not perfect; in fact I feel far from the lately. In fact, I let the littlest things frustrate me and it usually results in a lot of negative thoughts and I end up blaming myself for and afterwards. I'm a sinner and I always will be, but somehow watching this movie makes me feel closer to him. It's hard to believe but God does in fact know our hearts during our bad days and good days. He loves us no matter what always, but we have a choice to do our best and to love him back.

I just wish I could feel God like this every day.

Until next time,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Your OWN show: Week Four

Welcome back~

Since my parents changed their cable lineup, I have been unable to watch Zach on Your Own Show. That being said, it's going to take me a little longer to update you on the contestants left on the show. The Oprah Winfrey network website does provide the full episode online; but it seems a week after it airs. From what I gather, week four features guest cooking star Chris Stone helping team FOCUS and VISION in producing a cooking segment. This segment seems to feature Zach as executive producer and Tony as the on camera talent. I'm sorry but that all of the information I could gather from the small web episode provided. Hopefully, the full episode is posted soon so I can give you a more detailed synopsis.

On the bright side, I think Zach is still in the running for his own show. Keep representing, Zach. I am rooting for you! Thanks for showing what people with disabilities can do despite the obstacles they face on a daily basis.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Encouragement: American Idol Contestant Shows True Commitment and Loyalty


So I don't usually use this blog for entertainment purposes, but I thought these contestants deserved special mention. American Idol is certainly going to me different without Paula and Simon but they haven't stopped serving up very inspirational stories. Especially that of the contestant Chris Medina, the committed fiancé even after the unthinkable strikes. You can read more about their stories here:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Your OWN Show: Week Three


So this week teams FOCUS and VISION tickle our funny bone with the help of guest star Arsenio Hall. For the first part of the assignment, teams were asked to assign the role of Executive Producer to a member. In a stunning twist, team VISION decided to have comedian Terey behind the camera instead of on stage. In the same way, team FOCUS also took a risk by letting Dr. Roach be Executive Producer.

Each segment consisted of two essentials found in the typical late-night talk show-the monologue and a one-on-one interview. First up, team FOCUS begins their show with a hilarious monologue by Zach. The contestant comes on stage with the desk attached to his wheel chair. At which point, he goes into this long dialogue comparing himself to Lady Gaga. "Your move," he says, smiling. Alicia continues the segment with a in-depth interview with Arsenio Hall. Some of her questions included ones like "What's next?" and "How does growing up in the church influence your comedy today?"

Team VISION wasn't so lucky. Although Kristina gave a funny monologue about being new to America, Aunt Flora's interview fell flat in my eyes. In the end, team FOCUS won the challenge, leaving Terrey and Aunt Flora fighting for their life. They gave Terrey another chance.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My reflections: Twice a week is better than nothing, I guess

Dear Friends and Family;
As I begin this post, I can't help but have mixed feelings with how the last few weeks have progressed. I'm sure you've read about my health difficulties that keep me from writing my usual three times a week. I'm recovering slowly, only to have days where my "condition" seems to rear its ugly head as if to say, "You are not through with me yet!" And so the process begins again. But still, we persevere.
I say we because my family seems to be encountering a rough patch as well. After helping my brother and sister in law move into a new house, the chaos has still continued with my mom trying to help out by painting their old place and getting it ready for the new renters. Yet again, we were hit by another obstacle; my mom got sick. This just reminds me of something a college pastor once told us in a sermon, "Expect the Unexpected" he said. Because truthfully life never turns out like we planned; as much as we like our lists, priorities and sticky notes, they don't work at all.

Trust me, I should know.

Anyway, I have learned through the Bible study with my Skype friends that the only way life can really have an impact is if you let the Holy Spirit work through you on a daily basis. It's one of the hardest lessons to learn, but one of the best.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Your OWN show: Zach survives again!

Welcome back-
This last week, teams DRIVEN and FOCUS had their fashion sense tested. The mentor and expert witness for the segment was fashion designer Vera Wang. Although I didn't watch the show in its entirety, the two groups were supposed to find someone deserving of a makeover and use their segment to tell a story. (Before I go on, I apologize if I have the teams confused).Team Focus was inspired by the touching story of a how a mother daughter bond helps a breast cancer survive treatment: while Team Driven focused more on the transformation itself . That left the executive producer of Driven and another contestant fighting for a second chance. Long story, Zach made it through another round. I do find it quite puzzling however that Zach is often hard to make out in the commercial for the show.

Friday, January 14, 2011

John Dye of TBAA died of heart failure on Monday

Welcome back~

Today, I am saddened to report one of my favorite cast members on Touched By An Angel has died. The Mississippi born star with a disarming smile played the Angel of death suffered heart failure on Monday. Other popular roles included guest starring on "Promised Land" and "Murder, She Wrote"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Important Update

Okay Guys~

In answer to your question, yes, I am still here and I have every intention of writing on this blog in the new year. I just encountering some personal (disability-related) problems that cause me to be away from the computer much of the time. I will spare you the details, as I'm sure many of you can guess the problems I have encountered. Time away from my computer has made me realize how much I rely on technology and will never take it for granted again. However, it has also made me aware that I may be on to many social networks for one person.

Food for thought.

Anyway, I hope to be back to my normal routine with a week or so. Getting a new wheelchair seating arrangement might help my issues as well

Friday, January 7, 2011

Your OWN Show: Zach made it!

Hello everyone;
Last year, I introduced you to a young man named Zach who had cerebral palsy. Known for his witty YouTube clips, he has a unique ability to disarm contestants and shed light on current issues and opinions. He's taken his talent to new heights as a contestant on your OWN show. Zach is just one of nine contestants from a wide range of backgrounds and all walks of life
New Episodes air every Friday it nine o'clock.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Disabled boy looks beyond his own needs, into the needs of others!

Hey Guys,

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition started the new year out with a bang by featuring the story of Garrett Grommesh and his family. Garrett is confined to a wheelchair and found itt difficult to maneuver through his own home. So the crew took to the task of building them a carrier free household, but instead of tearing down the old house and starting fresh. Garrett decided he wanted to pay it forward by having his own home relocated and giving it to a close friend and her family-another family in need.

The rest of the story is also inspiring..
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